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America’s Celebrates two great victories today

Posted: September 11, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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That first saved the country in 1814 when Thomas MacDonough defeated the British fleet on Lake Champlain in the Battle of Plattsburgh.

Control of the lake was vital to move supplies through what was the wilderness of New York MacDonough’s defeat of a superior fleet with a history of victory over all sorts of odds was so decisive that even Lord Wellington stated that without British control of them there was no point sending him to America to fight.

At the crisis point of the battle MacDonough managed to wear his primary ship Saratoga 180 degrees due to springs and cables that he prepared the day before, that allowed him to send broadsides from his undamaged side into the equally damaged British fleet.

His taking of the entire fleet meant that even though the British Armies had a 3-1 advantage in troops they were forced to retreat back to Canada.

On September 11th 2001 the second great American victory took place in the skys over Pennsylvania. When a group of passengers of the hijacked flight 93 discovered the fate of the planes that crashed into the world trade center they decided that it was necessary for them to take action. With a cry of “Let’s Roll” the people on that flight ceased to be victims and instead became soldiers and warriors. Their will to fight and make a difference denying a victory to our foes and was the first of many US victory’s in the war on Terror.

It was that moment when 9/11 ceased to be another of many terror attacks and became the War on Terror for me, before then it was just one of many terror attacks and other than the scale and coordination of it was no different than other terror attacks all over the world. After flight 93 Americans were now in battle and all the emotions that come from a shared struggle.

That is what 9/11 means to me.

Over at the Reclusive Leftist Violet notes the banality of the media’s Joe Wilson obsession:

Almost 24 hours later, that’s still the picture. Look at this snapshot of Memeorandum from 6:40 pm today. The top nineteen stories are about the shouting Congressman. Nineteen. Then there are a few stories about the speech itself — waaaay down the page — and then it’s on to John Stossel.

Personally I figure it’s because they don’t want to cover the Acorn stories, but that isn’t what really gets Violet upset this is:

By the way: my favorite part of the speech? The part where Obama lumped in abortions with death panels and illegal aliens and other crazy-ass shit his healthcare plan would never pay for.

No Violet is vehemently pro-abortion and uses a term “Godbags” that I frankly don’t care for, but she is a honest and honorable person of the left for all that. She saw though this president months ago and as a person of the left saw betrayal coming.

I think however when it comes to abortion her fear is misplaced and any optimism is not warranted on our part so I left the following comment on her blog:

Violet I wouldn’t get all worked up about the abortion statement.

As a person vehemently opposed to abortion I can assure you that when he said that he was lying through his teeth and no serious person opposed to abortion believes a word of it.

So trust me, although we both know that this president doesn’t do honesty too well abortion would be a bridge too far for most of his acolytes.

And if it turns out I’m wrong then that wouldn’t signal a change on the left concerning abortion (although I’d like it to be) it would signal that support for President Obama has officially morphed into a religion, and that would be the worst development yet.

You know I really wonder if the Obamacult is strong enough to overcome almost any actual position. You never know.

BTW I can’t take credit for the tag “obamacult” on wordpress, that honor goes to the lefty blog semidi who used it twice last year. The Hillary people saw this first and recognized it for what it was.

Apparently if you are of the left in Massachusetts some federal laws apply and others don’t:

Political commentator, author and writer for The Atlantic magazine Andrew M. Sullivan won’t have to face charges stemming from a recent pot bust at the Cape Cod National Seashore — but a federal judge isn’t happy about it.

U. S. Magistrate Judge Robert B. Collings says in his decision that the case is an example of how sometimes “small cases raise issues of fundamental importance in our system of justice.”

How upset was he? This upset:

Collings says he expressed his concern that “a dismissal would result in persons in similar situations being treated unequally before the law. … persons charged with the same offense on the Cape Cod National Seashore were routinely given violation notices, and if they did not agree to [pay the fine] were prosecuted by the United States Attorney … there was no apparent reason for treating Mr. Sullivan differently from other persons charged with the same offense.”

In fact, noted Collings, there were several other defendants appearing in court the same day who were charged with the same offense. emphasis mine

In his opinion, Collings wrote that the U.S. Attorney is “is not being faithful to a cardinal principle of our legal system, i.e., that all persons stand equal before the law and are to be treated equally in a court of justice once judicial processes are invoked. It is quite apparent that Mr. Sullivan is being treated differently from others who have been charged with the same crime in similar circumstances.”

Ultimately, Collings acknowledged that he had no choice other than to allow the case to be dismissed, but “that the Court must so act does not require the Court to believe that the end result is a just one.”

I wonder if Mr. Sullivan was not such a fan of the current occupant of the White house if the US Attorney’s office would have been in such a hurry to dismiss?

Update: I beat the Other McCain to it but Vodka pundit and Dan Riehl
beat us both.

Update 2: but I did edge out hotair

No 9/11 moment of silence for me

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Our enemies are not going to get the satisfaction. When we constantly mourn we give our foes a victory once every year they haven’t earned.

Update: 9/11 is the day of two great American Victories in history. Later tonight I will detail them.

Update 2: Lileks says it best:

there’s still a space in the sky where no one will ever stand again. We could stand there once. That we couldn’t stand there eight years ago was their fault. That we cannot stand there today is ours.