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One banning I’d support

Posted: September 21, 2009 by datechguy in personal
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About 6 years ago I used to work near the Hebert Candy factory. They had premium chocolate and make your own sundaes.

Once in a while we would take the kids there, everybody had a good time and the stuff was absolutely wonderful.

Hebert’s also made most of the bars that the kids would sell at fundraisers. They were pretty good and unfortunately helped me maintain the waistline I have today.

A few years ago they sold off the fund raising part of the business, but kept control of the main Chocolate operation.

Saturday the wife and the youngest had a Mom and son day. There were gone for hours and one of the stops included the Candy Mansion. When they came home late in the evening the were bearing candy corn for him (his favorite) and some Genuine Hebert Chocolate for me.

I hadn’t had it in a while and as sucker for any type of Chocolate I happily took one.

It was simply AWFUL!. It was inferior to the “store brand” chocolate offered in the local supermarket and not in the same planet let alone the same league as a Cadbury bar. If they were selling stuff like this a decade ago I would be twenty pounds lighter.

I may be proudly banned from Little green footballs but let me say this to Charles: If Hebert’s chocolate every declares themselves “proudly banned from lgf”, you should be the proud one.

…and the events of the last month haven’t made me less torn.

There are many basic things here, all are important and none of it makes this easy:

A parents right to raise their children as they see fit.

The right to practice Religion without fear.

The long history of Honor Killing in Islam

The fact that this particular Christian sect seems shall we say, odd

If they are able to take the kid because they don’t like a religion then it is a precedent that can be used on other religions that can be a disaster.

If they return her and these people ARE fundamentalists this girl is likely dead.

I feel for the parents if they are telling the truth, in one sense, no matter what happens, they lose, if they lose custody, they lose, if they gain custody, their girl doesn’t trust them, so they lose.

I feel for Rifaq no matter what, if she is wrong than she is being used and her life is unlikly to be normal, if she is not then she is obliged to live in fear even IF she wins her case. After all the various fatwa’s linked by Pam Geller don’t specify the family has to kill her, any believing Muslim can.

And it’s a WHOLE lot easier to kill a single girl once the publicity has died down that it is to fire off a bomb, and her eye makes it a whole lot harder to hide her from potential assassins, from heavy duty radicals to devout fundamentalist members of her extended family back home coming here to “restore family honor.”

There is only one solution as far as I can see, here is what I would do:

Many times in the courts people accused are allowed to be tried as adults. I think Rifqa has to be given adult status 10 months early and allowed to make her own decision. I really don’t like this but I can’t see a better solution. It’s a horrible precedent as I’ve said but that’s where the situation leaves me.

All of this breast beating comes down the one simple fact that prevents this from being a simple custody case. It is the elephant in the room that we ignore officially:

Radical Islamic fundamentalism is NOT compatible with Western Civilization in general and American democracy in particular.

There are no two ways around it. This is the source for the war on terror, the problems in England and Europe and the whole kit and caboodle. Why is this simple truth not voiced officially? Likely because of a second basic truth.

There is absolutely no constitutional way to address this issue. Furthermore any amendment or extra constitutional method to get around it will damage America worse than the problem itself.

So what can we do? Since the only acceptable solution is reform of Islam and that has to be done within Islam. We can only do what we can.

Aggressively enforce existing law.

Be vigilant in cases of suspected terror.

Closely watch groups that preach it in the same way we keep an eye on the Klan and the Militia movement

Fight Islamic terror abroad using every and give aid to those that encourage reform

And when we have tough cases like this, handle them on a case by case basis.

…was in charge of Iraqi airspace in 1981?

Answer: Either George Bush would have been fighting a Nuclear Iraq ten years later OR

Saddam would be in power and in charge of Kuwait (and maybe Saudi Arabia) as we speak.

And that is the Best case Scenario!

Exit question: If Carter had won in 1980 and retained Brzezinski would the same result as above have taken place even without airspace control? In fact would we be talking about the upcoming 20th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall? Inquiring minds like Rush Limbaugh honorary lizzardoid want to know!

(Sorry Mika I know it’s your dad but that’s just the way it is.)

In a mostly self serving story at the Washington post (despite the title) worrying about an Israeli strike on Iran, Jackson Diehl reports an important truth:

Between April 2001 and the end of 2008, 4,246 rockets and 4,180 mortar shells were fired into Israel from Gaza, killing 14 Israelis, wounding more than 400 and making life in southern Israel intolerable. During what was supposed to be a cease-fire during the last half of 2008, 362 rockets and shells landed. Meanwhile, between late 2000 and the end of 2008, Israeli forces killed some 3,000 Gazans.

Since April there have been just over two dozen rocket and mortar strikes — or less than on many single days before the war. No one has been seriously injured, and life in the Israeli town of Sderot and the area around it has returned almost to normal. Israeli attacks in Gaza have almost ceased, too: Since the end of the mini-war, 29 Palestinians, two of whom were civilians, have been killed by Israeli action.

These are basic facts and those facts add up to lives saved on both sides of the fence and more importantly regular lives that can be lived by real people.

This is why we who stand with Israel are proud of it and will continue to do so…

(unless they decide to do something really nasty like support Glen Beck or Rush Limbaugh, Honorary Lizardoid then maybe Israel too can be proudly banned from lgf. It’s the last piece of the puzzle that the bloggers at lgf watch are waiting for before setting up their accounts.

Update: A Good sign Charles is still hitting the Saudi’s over Israel.

You mean the Saudis lied when they said they would stop participating in the Arab League boycott of Israel? Shocka!

As long as he keeps a grip on some reality there’s still hope and the LGF watch people will remain disapointed. Pollyanna lives!