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Adrienne proves the biblical phrase true…

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ask and you shall receive.

Now all we have to do is exchange numbers ourselves and we will have a Massachusetts, Georgia, Montana axis!

Of course we can discuss parish stuff and the Papacy and the sacraments all that good Catholic stuff so we have more in common.

I like Dan Riehl really I do…

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…but both my wife and I really didn’t like this post.

Speculation not withstanding you don’t say something like that without some meat behind it.

Update: Saw this coming a mile away.

…concerning Robert Stacy McCain’s trip to Kentucky, he is a little more Explicit here:

There’s only one of me and I’m a freelancer. I don’t have an AmEx card for travel expenses like the big shots at the networks do. It takes a couple of business days for PayPal transactions to be processed, and until that tip-jar cash clears the bank, I’ll be pushing it to the limit just to get to Clay County, Kentucky, by Monday, and only hope I can avoid my checks don’t start bouncing before those payments clear.

Meanwhile, I’ve promised the American Spectator a column that’s already half-written and has to be turned in before I try to get some sleep, then depart before dawn in my 2004 KIA, so I can try to file something — at least a brief report — with a Kentucky dateline by noon Monday. Never mind that we’re a one-car household and my wife’s steamed because she’ll have to improvise her own transportation for a few days. (A rental car might cost $60 a day, nudge, nudge.).

As you know Things are a little tough here, but I figure I can spare a $10 spot to get an actual reporter to do actual coverage (and maybe risk his neck depending on what he finds). And I’ll bet you can too.

After all he is a professional where else can you hire a professional anything for a ten spot?

And if the Liberals can afford a starting bid of $500 for a couple of seats that held the Presidential posterior then we can spare $10 to hire a reporter to you know report, particularly since he gives us commentary every day for free.

Oh and for our friends on the left, if you don’t think that McCain’s reporting can be trusted, you can always actually go and cover it yourself. Send someone you trust like Oliver Willis, Soros can afford it and with his Washington Redskins losing to the Lions of all people , he needs a day out..

And no I don’t get a cut.

Update: Well they might not be dancing if Robert Stacy finds there isn’t a there there.

Baldrick Hussein Obama

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Andrew Sullivan is convinced that the events of this week involving Iran are all part of a cunning plan:

Is this weakness or is it a different avenue to strength? Politics is always about timing and context. Seeing Obama’s moves without taking into account the Bush-Cheney inheritance is to wear ideological blinkers. Obama’s promise was and is a rebranding of America (which was the primary reason I supported him). If you are an unchastened neocon you see no need to rebrand after Guantanamo, Iraq, Bagram and Abu Ghraib. But if you are capable of absorbing complicated reality, you realise that such a rebranding is essential if America is to dig itself out of the Bush-Cheney ditch and advance its interests by defter means than raw violence and occupation.

It takes a special kind of faith to actually believe this stuff, he clearly has more faith in president Obama than in well his actual faith.

But is Andrew actually smarter than the rest of us? He sure thinks so. But I leave it to you:

Update: Villainous Company reminds us that Andrew had to be persuaded that General McChrystal’s plans were cunning at all.