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…she was banned for my sake. I found her e-mail and as she was a Rush fan asked her to put up the link to my comment since I couldn’t do it myself and I didn’t want the guys there to think I was so disrespectful as to just take off without answering.

For that act of free speech Charles banned her what would Rush Limbaugh, Honorary Lizardoid say….

…and she’s never even met me.

That was a very honorable act and it will not be forgotten anytime soon over here. If you are ever in Massachusetts I owe you a dinner! There is no better thing to have in the bank than a Sicilian owing you a favor!

And check out her blog. I’d consider it a personal favor if you did.

You might notice that I’ve changed the heading of my blog today from

A desktop support guy’s blog


A desktop support guy’s blog Proudly Banned from LGF

This is due to my attempted defense of honorary lizzardoid Rush Limbaugh.

I see I am not the only one today.

Might I all suggest we add the tag “proudly banned from little green footballs” to our posts and to our blog headings.

Let’s make “proudly banned from little green footballs” and “proudly banned from lgf” the top tags on wordpress.

Update: Cripes Baldilocks and Shug too? They’ve been there forever!

Well today Charles posted a link from media matters hitting Rush:

I left the following comment:

Ah George Soros’ Media matters, I never thought I’d see the day when it would be quoted with approval here.

I listed to the show that day. Rush was purposely being sarcastic as he regularly does, pointing out absurdity by being absurd.

But hey if you want to take Soros’ line on it, that’s your call, your blog, your nickel.

A fellow named Dark Falcon left this comment:

re: #908 pingemi

I already responded to that argument:

re: #91 Dark_Falcon

Charles didn’t quote any commentary from MM. All he did was post a clip they made available from Limbaugh’s show. I despise David Brock, but in this case Brock was not wrong in posting the vid. That said, I would trust Brock’s opinions on the matter any further than I could throw an T-90.

In case you haven’t read any of my amazon reviews PIngemi is me.

I started to work on a long reply. I search the LGF archives and noted the dates and made a long post with many links, all of them from LGF, but when I hit “post comment” suddenly I found myself logged out and my comments deleted, and my account blocked.

As I said in the other comment, it’s Charles blog and he can keep or lose who he wants, but I’m going to make my answer here with the comment I was going to leave.

re: #912 BigPapa

To illustrate other absurdity, for example he has talked about graduation ceremonies where multiculturalists have said it is proper to have a Black graduation and a “Hispanic” graduation.

It also illustrated the absurdity of some who thought the election of the president was going to take race out of other equations.

And this blog has amply chronicled Media Matters has such a history of doing it’s best to represent the right accurately.

Look at the dates on that link. It’s very interesting but it would appear that from the time that Media matters backed Charles in his dispute with Beck Charles hasn’t had a tagged post going after media matters for anything. Nor the Daily Kos for that matter, and only one tagged moonbats. (it was a good one)

And no tagged post hitting Media Matters Godfather George Soros for over a year.

He once talked about the six degrees of George Soros, and now it’s only one.

It’s rather amazing that for all that time these guys haven’t don’t anything weird enough for Charles to post and illustrate, and even the one moonbat post concerns stuff done in years past.

Have they suddenly become all sane? Have they all suddenly decided to support the troops? Have they all suddenly decided to support Israel? And wasn’t it just under a year ago that this blog highlighted Rush turning an insult into 2 million dollars for the Children of fallen soldiers?

C’mon guys we know Rush and media matters, history didn’t begin in April of this year.

Again it’s Charles Blog, I’t not for me to tell him what to post but nobody’s going to tell me Honorary Lizzardoid Rush has suddenly become Richard Russell.

One point of clarification in the above post “this blog” refers to lgf.

And my apologies to Big Papa as I wasn’t able to properly respond to him.

I did not request for my account to be blocked nor my comments deleted. I did not flounce. I don’t know if Charles noted that I was searching his tags for the above items or if he just didn’t like the first comment, but common courtesy would demand that one is informed before being banned by at least an e-mail. This is one of the advantages to actually having a life being banned by LGF will not lose me any sleep.

As the Cid said to Prince Alphonso:

Sire you risk having no Spain at all

I will have a full parody translation up before the end of the week.

I’m still going to put up that common principles post, and still ask Charles via e-mail if he wants to sign it when I do.

I’ll pray for him you should too.

Update: But as Robert Stacy mentioned last week I have a sick sense of humor and I intend to have a lot of fun with this before I get bored with it.

Update 2:
I see that the green room has an official LGF thread as a place to do our Charles Venting, It woudn’t do to for us to catch Sullivan’s syndrome over all this. After all every moment not on LGF is a moment that can be spent reading 30 year vet David Carden’s new book The Army Insider.

…so that statement of common principles will have to wait till tomorrow.