…she was banned for my sake. I found her e-mail and as she was a Rush fan asked her to put up the link to my comment since I couldn’t do it myself and I didn’t want the guys there to think I was so disrespectful as to just take off without answering.

For that act of free speech Charles banned her what would Rush Limbaugh, Honorary Lizardoid say….

…and she’s never even met me.

That was a very honorable act and it will not be forgotten anytime soon over here. If you are ever in Massachusetts I owe you a dinner! There is no better thing to have in the bank than a Sicilian owing you a favor!

And check out her blog. I’d consider it a personal favor if you did.

  1. Peg says:

    I so used to enjoy LGF. I never was much of a poster there – but – I’d stop by, look at the links, and so forth. Then – I don’t remember exactly when – things started to change.

    The tenor changed, and the topics of the posts changed dramatically. Charles seemed obsessed (and that is the specifically accurate word) with particular topics: global warming, Muslims, Christians – and racism, racism, RACISM! When I looked at comments, it seemed like some sort of bad-boy high school group – everyone congratulating one another, using bad language and mocking anyone who didn’t think like they did.

    I tried a few times to put up comments on a couple of posts – and was immediately tarred with all sorts of hateful labels. I was called a Nazi and a racist, stupid, moronic and much worse. The language was disgusting.

    Honestly; I was thinking about just putting up a post that I was embarrassed to be connected with such people in any way… and that I was so saddened by the cesspool that LGF had become.

    Then you made your request. It was wonderful! I could do a favor for someone – and get banned from a site that was insulting, rude, vulgar – and an enormous waste of my time.

    Glad to help out. Don’t despair – spending time at LGF is of no sense to anyone who wishes to debate respectfully and evaluate the thoughts of those who think similarly and dissimilarly. I have no idea what happened to Charles. But – most appalling and sad, whatever it is.

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