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…but I stayed up late since the wife took the youngest to the ER (turns out it wasn’t what she thought but no harm in being sure. Why does he always get the worst sick on Sunday nights?)

So I only caught the last 45 min of his show, no word on the march. So this morning I tuned in to the radio show for the first 20 min. Lots of stuff about what Repubicans should do, More Joe Wilson and Kanye West not a peep about the march, not even as something coming up later and I listened to see about what was coming up later.

The real question is this: Will the congress believe the Sgt. Schultz media or their own eyes?

The problem with the I know nuuuuthing plan is that all of those people have neighbors and co-workers. Protesting is not the way they earn their living so this will all become water cooler talk all over the country.

That more than anything else is going to kill the MSM, it’s one thing to hear stuff from the net and discount it, it’s another to hear it from a neighbor that was there.

A basic truth

Posted: September 14, 2009 by datechguy in oddities
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RS McCain mentions a basic truth during his fight with Johnson that accidently captures the net in a nutshell:

Regular mainstream politics, where phony Democratic hacks do battle with sold-out Republican frauds, tends to become tedious, and yet there are scores of reporters in Washington who masochistically crave the privilege of covering such pointless snoozefests. The reporter who can locate something newsworthy on the oft-ignored fringe of the political spectrum has got a much better chance of scoring an exclusive — and, frankly, it’s a lot more interesting.

Also, I like crazy people. God help me, but I do love a kook. (Ask any journalist who covered last year’s Libertarian Party convention what a target-rich environment that was for kook-lovers.) As long as they are not actually dangerous, the wackos and zanies are so much more fun than the uptight Republicans and dishonest Democrats one usually meets in Washington.

If you look at what non-political videos go virual this would seem very true, the weird stuff is a lot more fun to watch.

…And welcome to round 2. Johnson comes out for Round 2 swinging, McCain counterpunches we have some strong action in round one as Johnson ladned a flurry of blows, McCain blocks and counters.

To this point Johnson has been on the offense. We know Johnson has a strong methotical and unrelenting attacks from his victories in the Rather and Mapes fights.

McCain has been countering and putting up a good defense here in Round 2, but has yet to shift to offense, as we’ve seen in the Griffin and Audrey fights. McCain tends to mount his offense in mid to late rounds but they simply overpower their opponents.

We will keep you informed of the fights’ progress throughout the day as time permits.

I suspect this will be as epic and violent a contest as the Marciano Vingo fight from December of 1949.

One oddity of this fight will be that McCain lives on the east coast and Johnson on the west so McCains blows and counters will generally be morning blows while Johnson will strike in the evening.