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To give you an idea of how powerful Instapundit is consider this:

Glenn links to an article about “Maintenance Sex”

He includes a link to this book on the subject.

And Viola suddenly the market base for the book changes:

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So two hours after Glenn links to a book on sex suddenly 27% of the people who go to that page are buying culture of corruption.

I wonder how many people who would normally go to that page would see a link to Michelle’s book?

It will be interesting to check this page out in a day or so to see what happens.

Marc Ambinder says this:

So here’s a challenge to the media: if you want to do justice to conservative ideas and find some balance in your coverage tomorrow, book serious Republicans with original ideas on your programs. If you don’t, Palin is giving herself a voice at your expense and through little effort of her own.

He claims that Sarah Palin doesn’t have expertise in that area so she shouldn’t be quoted. As President Obama only had expertise in community organizing and Mr. Ambinder hasn’t declared him too experienced to talk on national health care, this can’t be true.

Therefore I must assume he actually means this:

Please please please don’t report on her! I know she is the most popular republican with their base and I know that she makes news and brings ratings, but we don’t want to risk engaging her and making fun of her isn’t working so please keep her from as many eyeballs as possible, because if they read her themselves they might discover that she is not the nut that we want to people to believe that she is.

You had Mika on board this morning but that’s not going to be enough.

As was said last month, if she was as irrelevant and as unserious as claimed she is they would have ignored her from the start.

I guess since the left has such a fear of her maybe if they just avoid the name they can manage not to wet their pants. Might I suggest they refer to her as “She who must not be quoted”.

If nothing else you can save on the depends.

Update: Riehl shakes his head in disbelief.

Update 2: The White House releases talking points specifically directed toward “She who must not be quoted!“, Sarah Palin counter-punches.

As my wife noticed every year I re-read the Guns of August. I think it’s very important to not only remember the lessons of Vietnam and World War 2, but the lessons of wars before that. Particularly World War 1 because it came at the end of a long period of general peace between the great powers , just like we have now.

As I’m a bit of a navel fan one of the most interesting stories to me is the pursuit of the Goeben and Breslau, two German ships in Mediterranean Sea at the very start of the war. British ships were ordered to intercept him including some commanded by Rear Admiral Ernest Troubridge.

Troubridge following a strict interpretation of his rules of engagement considered the ships a superior force and declined to engage. Accused of cowardice and court martialed he was acquitted but his career ended at that moment.

That would have been quite a shock to his ancestor Sir Thomas Troubridge who served with Nelson at St. Vincent, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and Aboukir Bay and was the first Baron of the Troubridge Baronets.

It was likely a big shock to the Germans as well. The Kaiser had a healthy respect for the tradition of the Royal Navy and after a single battle of Jutland kept it pretty much in port.

It wasn’t fear of the reality of the early 20th century Royal Navy of Ernest Troubridge. It was fear of the memory of the early 19th century Royal Navy of his ancestor Thomas Troubridge and Lord Nelson.

And that’s how we get to Israel and the Middle east today. It hasn’t just been the fear of Israel’s nuclear power it has been the memory of each Israeli Victory in 1948 , 1956, 1967, 1973 and the willingness of Israel to do what had to be done to win.

The question on Iranian nukes really comes down to one thing: When the UN and the US under president Obama “fail” (assuming they are actually trying) to restrain Iran will today’s Israel act differently than the Israel of 40 years ago. Will it be Thomas Troubridge or will it be Ernest Troubridge? Iran, Europe and President Obama are betting on Ernest. I think it will be Thomas.

Andrew Sullivan doesn’t go over the edge…

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…in this article at the London Times concerning the healthcare debate:

Nonetheless, I remain convinced Obama will win this fight. Not totally; not without political cost; but win it he shall. And the strategy is really very simple. The most popular elements of the bill will be kept in and the most contentious left out.

The fundamental issue of costs will be deferred. A bill that prevents insurance companies from denying coverage to people with pre-existing illnesses; that creates healthcare exchanges, where people can buy their own insurance policy subsidised by the government; that brings agreed price reductions by the drug companies in return for all these new, previously uninsured clients: this will pass and be popular. How could it not? The option of a government-run insurance plan to compete with private ones will be either dispensed with or held in reserve. If, after a few years, health costs keep soaring and the private companies have not mended their free-spending ways, it could be brought back.

Obama has a solid majority and can achieve all this with Democratic votes alone. So why is he in such trouble? Partly it is that this kind of reform rightly stirs scepticism, and Obama has allowed a hapless and divided Congress to take the lead, muddying the message. Partly it is that the hard right is becoming more and more extreme and its fears have eclipsed the hopes of Obama’s supporters. But the most critical part, in my view, is the public understanding that after two massive bank bailouts and a vast stimulus package, with two still-intractable wars, the US cannot afford even the modest 10-year trilliondollar package Obama is proposing. And Obama’s inability to cut spending while the economy is so fragile means he is constrained from offering fiscal reassurance.

Not a bad bit of analysis on his part Bill Jacobson takes a look at it and says:

Well, yeah, if Obama drops the public plan and mandates he can get some measure of health insurance reform because most people want health insurance reforms without junking the whole system. New national and regional markets for insurance helping create the conditions for individual insurance empowerment. That is a plan that can pass.

It’s called the Republican plan, and it is as available now to Obama as it was six months ago. All Obama has to do is just say yes.

What I find interesting is his use of the word at the start “euthanasia” rather than the word “death panel” in his introduction:

The summer has been crammed with YouTube clips and television news reports featuring the angrier members of the Republican right railing against Barack Obama’s plans to inflict euthanasia on their grandmothers, abort their children and put them in concentration camps.

It is a word used very carefully and in my opinion deliberately. Euthanasia has a specific meaning and people in England know it. If he had used the word “death panels” I suspect he knows that the people of England would recognize and understand what that means. Sarah Capewell sure would.