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You know there are times when you become so cynical that nothing surprises you.

And then there is Acorn.

You know I would have thought it was just as likely to find Bikini pictures of Robert Stacy McCain and Bikini pictures of Charles Johnson on the net then it was to have someone admit manslaughter to a total stranger in a public place to a complete stranger but apparently I’m still a wide eyed innocent in this world.

Reaction: Hotair:

Can’t wait for that House vote on whether to keep funding this syndicate.

Robert Stacy:

That sound you heard was my head exploding. Even mixing psilocybin and Bolivian flake, it would be hard to have a trip as weird as that.

Steve Den Bestie via Glenn:

“Think O’Keefe will get a Pulitzer Prize for this expose? heh heh heh… yeah, right.”

You know I’d really be interested in his opinion on the McCain/Johnson fight.

Charles Johnson:

Yes, really. This is how bad it’s getting.

Just kidding. That was concerning Pat Buchanan. You didn’t think he would actually comment on a group Glenn Beck opposes do you? Instead he is pushing a Color of Change press release.
(He has a very good point about the Buchanan thing however.)

Wizbang nails it with the post title

Andrew Breitbart As The New Don Hewitt

Gay Patriot:

Wonder how many media outlets in the Golden State will investigate this story?

Glenn goes all Charlie Brown:

Good Grief!

Confederate Yankee

Tell me, Madame Pelosi: Why should taxpayers still fund this organized criminal conspiracy?

Don Surber

Maybe ABC should get knowledgeable about this because ACORN may go down and take President Richard Milhouse Obama with him. Or maybe not. We shall see.

Gateway Pundit quotes Achmed the dead terrorist :

Holy Crap

I think he has it cold.

More updates when my D & D character is done fighting his way out of our party’s ambush.

Update: Lost a 3rd of my HP but hey I haven’t played D & D for almost a decade.

Flopping Aces:

Kicking ‘im in the ACORNs

The Radio Patriot:

This is stuff you can’t make up

BTW on the lefty blogs the favorite story is Joe Wilson. but Steve Benen at Washington monthly is now quoting Charles Johnson, expect a lot more of this in the days to come.

Talkleft: A search for Acorn newest result is from Oct 2008.

Dissenting Justice Acorn search. No Results.

Firedoglake: Nothing on front page.

Media matters accuses Beck of using Breitbart as a source!

Beck has credited the “instrumental” work of conservative columnist and Web publisher Andrew Breitbart, who has a history of smearing progressives and making inflammatory statements.

You know I’d think Soros would get more for his money that this pap.

The left coaster calls for help:

Help Us, Obi Wan Pelosi!

You’re our only hope.

No that’s not a joke at least not an intentional one.

Crooks and Liars says it’s not journalism, of course as an MSNBC fan he might not have a clear definition of the term.

Update again: Another D & D fight surprised in my sleep but things are still going.


ACORN employee describes bankers who didn’t want to lend money to start a brothel as right-wingers. “If they were liberal, they’d be helping you,” she says. The entire encounter is surreal:

Rich Lowry of National Review:

The E. F. Hutton of Prostitution When ACORN talks, pimps and hookers listen.

Hugh Hewitt talks media:

Increasingly, though, the major divide is between those who report the news –like the ACORN scandals– and those who don’t.


Don’t miss this one

Rockwall County line asks a great question:

My question is, how did the film makers know what questions to ask? Did they have inside information from former workers who had left in disgust when they found out about the perversity of the place?

Chicago Boys answers it:

Since this is definitely far from the first time Acorn has enabled criminal activity, I feel certain that the journalist heard stories and decided to follow them up. Apparently, there has been deep suspicion about Acorn in the non-profit world for many years. No doubt the journalist started there.

I like the title of Small Dead Animals’ post:

But Glenn Beck Is The Crazy One

Update yet again: a few more before I head home.

Atlas Shrugs:

While we, the free of America, enjoyed the fruits of the fight, the toil, the bloody sacrifice of our fathers, grandfathers, founding fathers ………….the left set about to infiltrate our institutions and destroy this country from the inside. Rotting, decadent — lifting up the rock on the left in America.

Or they are just a bunch of crooks.

Pundit & Pundette notices something:

It’s 7:00 pm and there is almost no reporting on this by the mainstream media. One AP story from yesterday; the rest are FOX News and blogs.

Protein Wisdom is lucky she wasn’t drinking when he read Acorn’s press release:

UPDATE: [guffaw, snicker] San Berdo ACORN organizers claim Tresa Kaelke was afraid of O’Keefe and Giles … or was just joking … Take your pick of excuses.

Lucky for me I put down my water before reading the link.

Right Pundits have their priorities down:

More importantly, we get to see more shots of Hannah Giles strutting around like a hooker. Now that’s quality entertainment! I have a great idea for a “business” venture, let’s open an ACORN office and see if we can entice Miss. Giles to stop by and interview us!

I’ll be getting some Bikini pics hits from them.

Nice deb:

They wanted to see how corrupt ACORN was on the West coast.

They found out

Ace goes over the defense:

Because claiming to have shot your husband is a laugh riot, as is a sex ring featuring underage girls illegally in the country. Maybe it was just me but I didn’t get the sense that Tresa had such a wry sense of humor.

And we will end the day with HotAir’s quote of the day:

Former Acorn board members tell me the group has always been confident it will be protected. After the Nevada voter-registration fraud indictment last May, Bonnie Greathouse, Acorn’s chief organizer in the state, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that ‘we’ve had bad publicity before’ and survived. ‘People always come forward to our defense. We’re just community organizers, just like the president used to be.’”

I’m no football expert; is Leodis McKelvin?

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I saw the last quarter of the Pats Bills game and couldn’t believe my eyes:

With a 5 point lead and possession and 2:10 on the clock even I know to take the knee in the end zone and make the pats use the time outs and stop the team defensively, particularly when my quarterback has just driven the length of the field eating up 5 min.

Instead the pats got the ball and drove for the winning touchdown. And commented thusly:

“I chose to bring it out because that’s me,” McKelvin said in a sombre locker-room. “If I had that choice, probably 100 times, I’d do it again. Next time I get the opportunity, I’ve just got to do my job and make sure I hold onto the ball.”

Then again he also said this elsewhere:

“When I caught the ball, I didn’t know if I had two feet inbounds or if my momentum took me into the end zone. If I downed it, it may have been a safety. So I decided to bring it out.”

I wonder which one he said first?

Speaking of odd stats…

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…you might recall how after Glenn Reynolds liked to the book: Lube Jobs: A Woman’s Guide to Great Maintenance Sex. I posted on how suddenly 27% of the people who went to that page were buying Culture of Corruption and said:

So two hours after Glenn links to a book on sex suddenly 27% of the people who go to that page are buying culture of corruption.

I wonder how many people who would normally go to that page would see a link to Michelle’s book?

It will be interesting to check this page out in a day or so to see what happens.

That was back on Sept 9th. One week later I checked again, it is only down to 25%.

Even Amazon can not resist the power of the instalance.

Well if I was a dishonest man I’d look at my blog stats for the day and conclude that the phrase Hannah Giles bikini photos had caused me to have more hits than any time this month.

However looking at the raw numbers I see that only 4% of my traffic today came from searches involving Hannah Giles bikini photos or other Hannah Giles searches.

However a full 40% is coming from Michelle Malkin’s blog.

So it looks like Michelle Malkin’s writing is 10 times more popular than Bikini photos of Hannah Giles.

And Mika I’m sorry to say that the phrase: Mika Brzezinski bikini photos has drawn exactly as many hits as Robert Stacy McCain Bikini photos, or Charles Johnson Bikini photos or even Rush Limbaugh Bikini photos, nearly one. Zip zero nada, not even the odd Camel Spotter.

Let me say what I’ve said before, Mika is a very handsome woman and a lot more fair as a reporter than many others on the left as she doesn’t pretend that she is not. I’d say her husband is almost as lucky as me.

Ok I admit it I’ve had much too much fun with all this Bikini photo nonsense but sometimes in life you just have to have fun. For in the words of Detective Billy Shipton at 3:50 below

Because life is short and you are hot

Is that not just the greatest pickup line you’ve ever heard?

Oh and if you haven’t ever watched the Episode Blink, you need to, it’s awesome plus and the writer Stephen Mofatt will be head writer for the series next year when the 11th doctor takes over.

Update: Today’s hit totals are now 5 times my daily avg for this month and exceed the average of my busiest month by 30% as of 1:15 p.m. It is only 8% of my busiest day ever but then again that was my only instalance. Between the time I started writing this post and this update my total hits today are up another 40%.

Update 2: Speaking of blogwhoring.

Update 3: Welcome readers of Robert Stacy. He is is right in one respect, the whole Bikini picture meme has given my already odd sense of humor a very silly twist today, I’ve been laughing all day and I just can’t help it. By tomorrow I’m sure I’ll be over it but I just I’ve still got a mad silly grin and I just can’t wipe it off. I’m like Richard Dawson and September.

He’s wrong about the diss part but I think it’s a classic bit of parody to own the terms “Robert Stacy McCain Bikini Pictures” and “Charles Johnson Bikini pictures” if the google bomb ever comes I’m setup perfectly. Of course if the google bomb ever comes then the world is in a lot more trouble than I thought.

That and $2 will get me kicked out of any reputable diner. I needed a good laugh this week and this has really been cathartic. plus the hits being up 1500% from yesterday doesn’t hurt either.

If you are interested in other things besides stats and Bikini pictures might I suggest my review of two books to come out next month Newt Gingrich’s upcoming novel To Try Men’s Souls or That first season about Lombardi and the Packers, I even can tell you something the president did right, about girls who will fall for anything to be famous, the crazy 1% theory of mass protest, why 9/11 means victory for the US in an important respect, Why friends of abortion (unlike me) are worrying for nothing and btw did you miss Israel? Arab Rockets didn’t.

Update 4: It’s a RushLance! That explains a lot. I’m now 8th in growing blogs on WordPress today.