I’m no football expert; is Leodis McKelvin?

Posted: September 15, 2009 by datechguy in fun
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I saw the last quarter of the Pats Bills game and couldn’t believe my eyes:

With a 5 point lead and possession and 2:10 on the clock even I know to take the knee in the end zone and make the pats use the time outs and stop the team defensively, particularly when my quarterback has just driven the length of the field eating up 5 min.

Instead the pats got the ball and drove for the winning touchdown. And commented thusly:

“I chose to bring it out because that’s me,” McKelvin said in a sombre locker-room. “If I had that choice, probably 100 times, I’d do it again. Next time I get the opportunity, I’ve just got to do my job and make sure I hold onto the ball.”

Then again he also said this elsewhere:

“When I caught the ball, I didn’t know if I had two feet inbounds or if my momentum took me into the end zone. If I downed it, it may have been a safety. So I decided to bring it out.”

I wonder which one he said first?

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