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Morning Joe was dealing with the Onion today so in honor of that and Harry Reid’s success to impose Cloture it’s worthwhile to link to this highly relevant Onion story from 1997:

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND—World Health Organization officials expressed disappointment Monday at the group’s finding that, despite the enormous efforts of doctors, rescue workers and other medical professionals worldwide, the global death rate remains constant at 100 percent.

Death, a metabolic affliction causing total shutdown of all life functions, has long been considered humanity’s number one health concern. Responsible for 100 percent of all recorded fatalities worldwide, the condition has no cure.

I love the Nader “quote”:

“Why should we continue to spend billions of dollars a year on a health care industry whose sole purpose is to prevent death, only to find, once again, that death awaits us all?” Nader said in an impassioned address to several suburban Californians. “That’s called a zero percent return on our investment, and that’s not fair. Its time the paying customer stood up to the HMOs and to the so-called ‘medical health professionals’ and said: ‘Enough is enough. I’m paying through the nose here, and I don’t want to die.'”

Yeah it’s funny and the Onion as always is worth a laugh but the bottom line is still what the article says. Everyone dies. That includes me and you.

Boy, back to back post on death, I know I’m in a bit of a mood today but two posts in a row on death? Bad sign, but as Curley Howard once said: “The Morbid the merrier”

I guess the “free cigarettes” line would get this a R rating today.

…My cousin Bill was 4 years younger than me. He was a diver and built like a rock. Like Ms Murphy he was at the height of health. And out of nowhere he just dropped dead.

It struck me particularly, not because we were really close, or the empathy I felt for his parents as any parent does with their child (of any age) dies, but because I have overweight and older. It seemed unreal to me that he would what just dropped dead when I am still alive.

It reminds me of one of the greatest sermons I’ve ever heard, it was at the Latin Mass at Immaculate Conception. The priest went over and over talking about people who suddenly died and stressed the importance of the sacrament of confession. The priest stressed two phrases that have really stuck in me:

We are not promised the next morning.

It is a terrible thing to fall under the judgment of a Just God.

One should not let worry prevent one from living life, but a smart person will keep these two phrases in mind.

After all Ms. Murphy was young, fit and well off, yet she wasn’t promised that next day.

NOTE: As I neared the end of this post I noticed this:

Brittany Murphy’s husband, Simon Monjack, told hospital staff at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center he did not want an autopsy performed on his deceased wife, multiple sources tell TMZ.

We’re told, however, despite Monjack’s wishes, the L.A. County Coroner’s office will perform an autopsy on Murphy. As we first reported, Murphy went into cardiac arrest this morning and could not be revived.

This suggests that there might be more to this than meets the eye. Time will tell. Doesn’t change the main point of the post.

There are times when you want to just wear a visor but aren’t out to make a statement. I have a instinctive dislike for keeping political stickers on cars etc forever. I still see people with their 01-20-09 anti-Bush stickers (and I don’t like the replacement 1-20-13 stickers either, I think they are childish.)

T-Shirts are different since they are, well T-Shirts, but when the election season is done i don’t want to wallow in the memorbelia. As a winner you don’t want to gloat, and as a loser you don’t want to whine.

If you are at a political event that is different but outside of it. It’s just not classy.

If the left wants to push this business with Palin, by all means they should do so. It will not convince anyone but the choir.

Freedom means having the right to be wrong, and the right to make a fool out of one’s self.