The countdown to June 6th begins

Posted: January 26, 2010 by datechguy in employment, personal

Got back from the Unemployment office a little bit ago. Arrived there at 8:15 and got out a little after 10 a.m. (First rule of Government queues, always bring a book!)

It appears for the next three weeks I’m going to be getting “live checks” vs the direct deposit that I had set up and then I begin my last extension. Barring any new legislation I have until the first week of June to find something. Ironically the 66th anniversary of D-Day is my D-Day.

I have another interview on Thursday (oddly for a job I applied for two months ago) but the time has come to go long on frugality, come up with a brilliant business idea or take whatever might turn up. If I can manage 67% of my last pay I can meet my bills (barring crisis) without going into debt.

However the woman I talked to at unemployment was telling me that her kid is in her 2nd year at WPI. From what she was saying only 1 of the class that just graduated that she knows has a job so it doesn’t bode well. Then again a commentator here clearly is doing worse that me and both of us are living like kings compared to the poor souls in Port au Prince.

In the end its all moot. No more of the expectations game, I have 18 weeks warning. If this problem is going to be solved it’s going to require less philosophy and more initiative. So I’d better get on the ball before I end up behind the 8 ball.

  1. John says:

    I just landed a job in NH after one week shy of 10 months unemployment. In the end it took bankruptcy and renegotiation of my mortgage to put me in a position where I could take a 35% pay cut from my previous job- this after exhausting savings and 401K money (I just can’t wait to do my taxes). I was fortunate to be collecting out of Massachusetts (my old job was in Mass)- on New Hampshire unemployment we would have lost our home and everything else with 5 months.

    No real point here except to say i understand what you’re going through and wish you the best.

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  3. wheels says:

    After a year unemployed, I’m back working at the company that laid me off. At about half the salary, unfortunately, but the company was sold to an employee just before it was about to go under, and I was brought back because I knew where all the bodies were buried had been with the company long enough to know all of the product line.

    I’d bought a new house six months before the layoff, and only made it through because my old one finally sold six months after the layoff.

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