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Two important open house notes…

Posted: January 1, 2010 by datechguy in fun, personal

Note #1 Storm or no storm the open house is on, if necessary we will see about college style crashing.

Note #2 The widow across the street is getting married tomorrow (congrats) so they will be needing their side of the street for reception (at home) so if at all possible park on the odd side of the street or at the Romano’s parking lot.

…might be a tad confusing so to give you an idea of how it works here is an excellent set of Youtubes which cover all of the doctors regenerations from the start:

They include text clips to help explain things, the whole regeneration bit was an inspired idea.

One comment there is no 8th to 9th regeneration and in terms of the 7th regeneration, I think it’s really important the accident he had is something that should happen to him more often considering how rarely he uses the scanner to look outside these days.

I’m scheduling this for about the time of the British broadcast of End of Time part 2. There is a 27 hour gap between the British and the US transmission (yeah like the fans aren’t going to be uploading and watching it during that gap) so this is to help tide you over.

Update: don’t know why the end of that sentence was missing, fixed it.

Update 2: and here is the full sequence for #

…but my departure from the democratic party was just a few months ahead of his.

I supported Paul Tsongas, one of the most honest men in politics. He was substance Clinton was fun at parties but was as phony as a $3 bill.

The embrace of Bill Clinton was one of the worst decisions the party ever made. In 1998 the democrats had the same choice that the Republicans had in 1974. Unlike the republicans who splintered on this, the Democrats held solid in their choice. It was very sad.

I saw what Clinton and Clintonism was before he did but either way it happened we have made it here.

Robert Stacy is now live on wordpress

The site itself looks much more professional and Smitty is a lot older than I pictured him.

However it is subdued, it seems to have a lot less of ride to the sound of the guns feel.

Of course that’s just a first impression, that might change over time, it still looks a whole lot better than mine.

Congrats to Robert Stacy, may it help him make a nice living while helping our cause.

Update: He has added some color, it makes a huge difference over the test site, still seems more subdued, likely because it is more organized and professional. Less of a pirate.