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…but there were plenty of people waiting outside to get in to see the President who were not let in. In my opinion this Fox report is misleading.

Cameron was inside and I wasn’t so I don’t doubt that he saw a hall that was not filled, but it wasn’t for lack of supporters as at least 500 people that I presume were Coakley supporters were not let in. I know since I was in the middle of them.

In fact I personally spoke to a woman with a cane and a pronounced limp who had been passed through but was sent back due to fire limitations. (more on her later tonight). Perhaps it was a question of security. There were easily more Scott Brown people outside protesting than Coakley people waiting to come in (more on that later) so maybe they were worried about screening out people who opposed the president and the candidate getting in so the campaign had to keep a tight leash to avoid mass heckling.

Either way the implication that she could not fill the hall is false and should be clarified by Fox.

However Cameron is absolutely correct that there is no comparison in terms of enthusiasm. Perhaps because I am less experienced than Robert Stacy but after what I saw today in BOSTON proper, continuing the Game 7 parallel it is the bottom of the 5th with the Sox up 8-1

Update: I like Gateway pundit a lot but it would be a good idea to correct this post on the subject.

Update 2: Stacy was there with the Brown people and can back me up.

Update 3: Holy Guacamole 2 instalances in one month! (eat your heart out Charles) and for once I’m at my PC when it happens! Welcome Instapundit readers I’ve had Robert Stacy McCain crashing on my couch this week proving that my wife is part of the World’s greatest family. You can read my first hand reports (and low brow humor ) here And you can find Stacy’s coverage on both his site, the American Spectator blog and the green room.

As we say in the North End. “Leave the candidate, bring the cannoli

…in the first paragraph of his diary post:

You may or may not have heard: Massachusetts Democrats are waging a dynamic, all out effort for Martha Coakley in the final days of the campaign.

In the last 72 hours I have been to Brown and Coakley events and will be covering the president today. There are a lot of words that could be used to describe the democratic “effort” in this race. Dynamic would not be one of them.

Common decency prevents me from describing the Democratic effort in the most accurate terms available in the English language.

…then this race would be as over as you can get. There was not a person in sight who had a good thing to say about Martha Coakley. If you so much as say the words “Scott Brown” in the restaurant people want to shake your hand.

When I mentioned to a group of people that Stacy was a reporter covering the race, a woman quietly asked, “is he for Brown?” When I told them yes they insisted on shaking his hand and talking to him.

I really don’t want to get my hopes up but I think we might be in the bottom of the first of Game seven with the Sox up 2-0.

It’s as if every conservative who has held their tongue for decades in this state has finally found their voice and is unafraid to speak it.

Stacy will have a more detailed update soon at the American Spectator Blog.

Update: Former Massachusetts republican Steven Den Beste doesn’t want to get his hopes up either:

Still, I’m trying not to get my hopes up. This is Massachusetts, where the Angel of Death could run for office as a Democrat and get elected. Not even the legendary “dead girl or live boy” could make a difference there.

Dissing Fenway Park, however? Maybe that’s a different matter.

We will likely know in under 60 hours.

Update 2 Stacy’s post is here.

Friday night as I awaited the arrival of Bill Clinton I struck up a conversation with two Chinese exchange students doing graduate work at WPI. Both had been the US for 6 months and absolutely love it. They both hope to be able to find jobs to stay here, if not they will go back to China.

There they stood, two young men from a country that is our greatest rival and one of our potential enemies both about to be only 10 yards from the man who exactly one decade prior was the most powerful person in the entire world.

After they started moving forward I talked to a union steward who was there to support Martha Coakley. As we were both Italian we talked and had an awful lot in common. It was a pleasure to share his company and we both commented on how great a country it was where two guys like us could be just a first down away from the former president. We agreed that if we told our grandparents this, they wouldn’t believe us.

It was even greater than than he knew.

Consider, ten yards from me a man who was once the most powerful in the world was going to ask me to do something, and I was going to refuse with absolutely no fear that he would attempt to compel me otherwise.

Today after Mass (yes Adrienne he’s coming with me don’t get your hopes up) we are off to Boston to see the most powerful man in the world who will ask, not order ask me to do something that he really wants me to do for the sake of an agenda that he really believes in…

As on Friday I will refuse. As on Friday I will do so with the safe assurance that he will not attempt to compel me nor order others to do so. In fact even if he DID order others to do so, I have the certainly they they would refuse such an order.

That is the greatness of America, that is the freedom of America, that is the compact between the government, represented by President Obama and the Governed, represented by me.

Today I will be in the presence of a politician that I considered unqualified for his position, a product of a corrupt Chicago machine. A man I have criticized and ridiculed many times in the past and likely will criticize and ridicule many more times in the future. I will also have the great honor to be in the presence of the elected leader of my country, my president. I see no conflict in any of those statements. That is America!

Update: The Obama rally has been pushed back a few hours, good thing too because there was plenty to post about this morning.