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Charles slanders Glenn and Patterico calls him out on it.

I’m not surprised by this and Glenn isn’t holding his breath waiting for an apology but the best revenge is this, Charles has not managed an instalanche since Aug 27 2009 and Patterico just received his 2nd of the new year.

If that isn’t enough my instalanche monday is one more than Charles has managed since then too . He’s still 232 instalanches up on me but I’m working on it.

Meanwhile Charles’ arch enemy Robert Stacy has managed 3 additional instalanches onthese posts since my last report bringing his total to 14 since Charles last one however Glenn has yet to link to the new site.

He must not be a fan of ‘bama.

Update: Glenn remembers what our grandmothers used to say:

Charles, I wish you well, but . . . well, I don’t really have much else I want to say right now.

It doesn’t matter Glenn; Charles will fill in the blanks

Update 2: Smitty corrects me on the link, that’s why his blog has 13 instalanches to my one over the last 5 months.

I admit I don’t believe it myself…

Posted: January 7, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news

…but it should be pointed out that this is still only the first year of the Obama administration. There is actually plenty of time for things to actually be turned around.

I don’t think that this administration is capable of doing so, but to deny that possibility is simply wrong. As I recall Reagan’s first year numbers were pretty poor.

The problem is he will have to govern more like a president and a less like a Chicago machine pol.

That is unlikely but I’m a Catholic and with God all things are possible.

Either that or suggest it is like a cult?

I have a pal, very Roman Catholic who has always considered Islam as a whole a Satanic cult. I don’t think I would go there myself, but I think cult is one of the best ways to describe Radical Islam.

If you think of it as a cult their beliefs, their methods and their violence make perfect sense, personally I think of it more as a Mafia family but either way it pressures even those outside of it to conform or suffer the consequences.

If we are going to actually win this war two things are necessary, the first is to separate Radical Islam from mainline Islam and the second is to call Radical Islam what it is:

A dangerous and murderous group that is totally incomparable with democratic and free society that has to be at best restrained and at worst destroyed.

The biggest danger of radical Islam is for it to become “mainstream” within Islam. If it does and/or becomes the most prominent sect of Islam then we will have an actual war against Islam to fight. Even a win would be disastrous as the slaughter would be horrible.

All our efforts should be to prevent the above from happening, because if we don’t then the cost for stopping it will increase dramatically.

Q: Can you tell me the difference between the women in this video:

and Clare McCaskall’s declaration of her willingness to die politically for her Master?