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I feel so much safer with Yon detained…

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…by Homeland Security. Seriously Michael Yon? Are these people absolutely insane?

Job interview on Thursday

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It’s a more product specific support than I usually do but with 20 years of picking up new systems it shouldn’t be that much of a problem.

If you have a spare prayer, I’ll certainly take it and if possible throw one toward my nephew too, he is off to Minnesota for an interview this week and his situation is rougher than mine.

Glenn’s instalanche has produced enough suggestions in comments to require a poll:

Yes I know that Sully and Johnson really don’t belong on the list, but as incumbents they have to get their spot. Feel free to add any suggestions that you might have, I’m going to meet someone for a late breakfast / early lunch so lets see how the results go.

I don’t know, all I DO know is although I see a lot all over the blogs concerning the senate race here, I have yet to hear a single person mention the election to me, not in the diner, not at the Knights of Columbus meeting, not at a recent funeral and not at the open house.

If nobody is talking about it perhaps he can come in under the radar, but I would think that SOMEONE would have something to say in the state.

Then again Curt Schilling sure can’t hurt.

If this state does the right thing, and elects Scott Brown, it will, in addition to being a comeback/upset of 2004 proportions, put a screeching halt to the Democratic party’s fast tracking this country into an abyss.

What Government run/funded program in this country’s history has ever been run with an ounce of financial responsibility, prudence, or with the peoples best interest at the forefront? None, that’s which one.

Scott is EXACTLY what this state and this country needs right now.

It is my opinion that the reason we are a one party state is the population here is fatalistic, this comes from the 80+ years of the Red Sox waiting to win. I wonder if the two World Series and three superbowl wins in this decade has broken that streak?

We will find out.

Update: A 10 point race? Michael Graham is on cloud nine:

A Republican win in Massachusetts is still a longshot, but these numbers are in the range of the possible. The question is, are these numbers close enough to get Martha Coakley to actually start campaigning? She’s been the invisible gal since winning the primary.

Will this margin energize Scott Brown’s supporters, or will it awake the sleeping Democratic giant in Massachusetts? It’s up to you, the people.

If this race is about Brown vs. Coakley, it’s a waste of everyone’s time. But if you’ll let your friends and neighbors who are sick of the insanity in Washington know they can send a message by voting against the Obama/liberal establishment.

I hate to be a downer but the key number there is 50. As long as Coakley is polling at 50 Brown can’t win. Then again as long as local dems see 50 they won’t get excited either.

More significant that this , if the electorate here in Massachusetts is angry enough to make this race close, how bad must these jokers be doing everywhere else?