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My review of Adventures of Robin Hood season 1 staring Richard Greene as Robin Hood is available at here.

Two things worth noting. Both the DVD quality and the packaging of the versions are considerably higher. If price (including shipping) is not an object you might want to consider the British versions if your DVD player will play them.

The second is a great Irony. As you may or may not know these episodes from the 50’s were written by blacklisted (communists-in-exile would be more accurate) writers such as Ring Laudner under pseudonyms. Whatever their political leanings they were excellent writers and the quality of the series showed this, however often they used the church, (at that time the Catholic Church) as their main “official” counterweight against the evils of the Sheriff and Prince John.

The subtle hints of propaganda concerning communism pretty much gets lost in the stories, (in fact one can safely say the left has been acting a whole lot more like the feudal lords who are for the most part the villains of the show.) but the affirmation of the Church as a source of good shines through in a way that the writers would likely regret today.

NOTE: In order to make it clearer on how to give me a hand I am moving the text of the “I’ll do it Myself Tucker Fund” to this post and will simply link to the existing giving page. I am dating it the date of the initial post so it will fit into the sequence.

As you might have noticed I have been out of work for a while. I’ve been teasing Tucker Carlson (he of the million dollar startup) that he could have me full time; 40 hours for $800 a week (which is what I was making before I was laid off, not counting holiday pay or overtime) Robert Stacy McCain seems to think that I should consider doing the whole Tip Jar thing. He might be right, readership has increased so it appears more than a few people think this blog is a worthwhile endeavor.

So in that spirit we are going to try something. After all if Charles Johnson can support himself on line I might as well see what people think of me.

I’m assuming that most of my hits come from people coming back on a daily basis (or maybe more than a daily basis to check out the place.) I’m also assuming that 9 out of 10 people who come are totally disinterested in giving me any of their money, so I’m speaking to that 1 in 10.

If that 10% of my readers were willing to pony up $4 a week, (that’s less than a value meal at McDonalds) subtracting PayPal fees I would be able to totally replace my pay and blog full time for a living (not to mention totally shock my wife and kids).

I have absolutely no idea if anyone is actually interested but I figure it can’t hurt to try.

So if you feel this blog is worth it and are so inclined to do so feel free to go to my giving page and kick in what you can.

To any and all that do: thank you very much! I’m not one for fancy themes etc, but I will endeavor to make the content of this blog worthy of your support.

Planned Parenthood wants to talk:

Dianne Luby, chief executive officer of the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, said she would be “more than happy to come to a City Council meeting” to discuss the concerns that drove six city councilors to vote to draft a resolution urging Planned Parenthood to abandon plans to open a Fitchburg chapter.

Planned Parenthood officials will attend a Feb. 2 City Council meeting.

Steve DiNatale is has a few things he’d like to talk about too:

State Rep. Stephen DiNatale, D-Fitchburg, said Thursday that he wants to meet with Planned Parenthood officials to explain to them that Fitchburg is not the right place for them to open a new office.

“We will gladly, gladly, meet with the state representative’s office, in the district or at the Statehouse; whatever works for him,” Mermell said.

DiNatale said he was trying to connect with officials from Planned Parenthood on Friday afternoon.

“I want to know what their plans are, how they arrived at the city of Fitchburg, some of the fine details you might say,” DiNatale said.

I’m sure PP will be wearing it’s most friendly face, but no matter how friendly and polite the face may be, the reality doesn’t change.

…thus even Charles Johnson’s (peace be upon him) sudden reverse of direction was not enough for them to give him the type of undying love that those who leave the right normally get.

In fact when you have Robert Stacy McCain & Patterico on the same side concerning this you know it must be bad news for Johnson.

Well he still gets 250x the traffic I get and I’m actually pleased to read he has a fiancée since as I’ve said the right woman makes all the difference in one’s life.

So Johnson is making a living off his site; it is coded well and he’s welcome to it. I’ve covered the Johnson/McCain fight closely which resulted in my own banning, and Peg’s and ironically led to my friendship with Stacy resulting in the rather exciting events of the last week. For all that the bottom line is the same as before: Johnson’s attacks on individuals were dishonorable.

I do have to disagree with Patterico on his third Update. If Johnson hadn’t been hitting them the Times in the past they would have fawned all over him. To suggest that the NYT would normally accurately cover the story requires a willing suspension of disbelief. The irony is that the Times showed its bias this time by simply telling the truth.

Update: Pam Geller comments in the same restrained way she dances in a chair when celebrating.