…thus even Charles Johnson’s (peace be upon him) sudden reverse of direction was not enough for them to give him the type of undying love that those who leave the right normally get.

In fact when you have Robert Stacy McCain & Patterico on the same side concerning this you know it must be bad news for Johnson.

Well he still gets 250x the traffic I get and I’m actually pleased to read he has a fiancée since as I’ve said the right woman makes all the difference in one’s life.

So Johnson is making a living off his site; it is coded well and he’s welcome to it. I’ve covered the Johnson/McCain fight closely which resulted in my own banning, and Peg’s and ironically led to my friendship with Stacy resulting in the rather exciting events of the last week. For all that the bottom line is the same as before: Johnson’s attacks on individuals were dishonorable.

I do have to disagree with Patterico on his third Update. If Johnson hadn’t been hitting them the Times in the past they would have fawned all over him. To suggest that the NYT would normally accurately cover the story requires a willing suspension of disbelief. The irony is that the Times showed its bias this time by simply telling the truth.

Update: Pam Geller comments in the same restrained way she dances in a chair when celebrating.

  1. Peg says:

    I have no idea what Charles Johnson’s issues and/or problems are. But, the man either is lying or cannot see what is right in front of his face.

    He states that he only removes “lizards” for very offensive statements and actions. That is not true. You and I well know that the two of us were removed for simply asking questions that they did not wish to answer. Our language was polite. We used no foul language. We didn’t attack anyone.

    I know that many of us used to enjoy Little Green Footballs. But, as far as I can determine, the person who used to be in charge there simply is no longer the same person. As for why that’s so – I cannot provide answers.

  2. Peg says:

    DTG – it would be nice if someone OR something did.

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  4. Charles J. says:

    I am working on a program that will ban you not only from my site, but from the interwebs entirely!! Then, all the strawberries will be mine! Mine, I tell you!!! Bwahahahahahahahaha!!

  5. Peg says:

    Oy gevalt! (Let me know if anyone needs a translation.)