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Scott Brown: Rally held at the North end, a public place hoping to attract a crowd of voters.

Martha Coakley: Rally held at a college hall hoping to generate a crowd using students.

Scott Brown: Taking questions both from the press and from the voters at the rally

Martha Coakley: The press is kept far enough to prevent them asking questions and none are taken.

Scott Brown: Able to draw a crowd with or without a celeb like Rudy

Martha Coakely: Needs a president, two congressmen and a Lt. Gov, plus Unions to generate a crowd

Scott Brown: Voters motivated to meet him, pressing him much more than Rudy.

Martha Coakley: The people there who were not union members ordered to be there (and several unions were there) came to see Bill Clinton.

Scott Brown: Two hecklers in the large crowd.

Martha Coakely: More than 75 people outside less that 20% being students.

Martha Coakley: A rally consisting mostly of students, many of them not elegible or registered to vote (I talked to several from China) in Massachusetts (no word if they are registered in “Massachusettes”)

Scott Brown: Not only was the Rally full of registered voters but there were more registered voters outside the Coakley rally with Brown than within the Coakley rally with her.

Scott Brown: So many volunteers that people can’t get into the headquarters.

Martha Coakley: So few that she has to get people at the Rally to “sign in” (we didn’t) and asked them to make calls for her before the rally on their cells (few did).


I think my pessimism might have been premature but this is Massachusetts. These people are so shocked at the prospect of defeat there is always the chance that they might try to steal it if it is close enough. I don’t know if they will try but right now people are panicked so anything is possible.

But there I was at WPI with Stacy and my youngest listening to Two congressmen, the Lt Gov, Martha Coakley (a handsome woman) and President Bill Clinton.

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After listening to the ex President’s rather long presentation I have to say I can understand why he is popular. If you don’t know history and if you are unfamiliar with the Clinton years (as I suspect most of the college students in that hall are) you might just fall for the BS. It’s another one of those Ribos operation open honest face moments to wit:

DOCTOR: I wonder if ol’ Taffy knows the real value of it. “Scringe stone” found in a dead man’s pocket? A lost mine? A phoney ma… are people still falling for that old guff? I mean are they?
ROMANA: You mean you didn’t believe his story?
ROMANA: But he had such an honest face.
DOCTOR: Romana!! You can’t be a successful crook with a DIShonest face, can you?

As he has gotten older he seems to me more like Garron than Unstoffe I mean really, compare this (via a member of the World’s greatest family)

With this:

The only difference between the con men are the hairline and the video quality and the crowd was eating it up. Once the president was done the crowd started thining. This was a problem for Martha but I’d pity any person who has to follow him on stage.

I have to say I had been saying I was feeling like the Sox had just won game five. After comparing the Coakley and the Brown Rallies and attending both, I’m feeling like game 6 is in the can and all we have do is win game 7 at Yankee Stadium and we are home!

Update: Stacy has heard this siren song before so before the president was done he went outside to meet with the Brown people, there were an awful lot of them.

Update 2: The Washington Examiner was there too and Susan Ferrechio (met her, nice lady) included this quote from the prez:

“This is making sausage, it all looks ugly,”

My letter to Glenn Reynolds from 2003 applies here:

I stood there and watched him making sausages and realized that the old saying about Sausages no matter how true it might be for a plant or maybe another butcher shop it wasn’t true at Romano’s. (I can’t speak for other local butchers but I would bet good money that this is true for other family butcher shops too.)

I think Mike and the other local butchers deserve a caveat.

7 years later Mike is still making Great Sasuage and if the democrats and the president were interested in stopping the fatcats then they would keep President Obama’s promise concerning C-Span instead of playing backroom games.

Update 3: Spelling mistakes fixed, why am I doing this at 2:30 a.m.?

I can’t believe that president Obama is going to come to Massachusetts on Sunday unless he believes that his presence is going to make the difference in turning this campaign around. Then again I figured his trip to the Olympic stuff meant the fix was in and it sure wasn’t.

He is a lot less popular than people think, particularly when those voters get letters like the one I just opened:

Due to the complex nature of the procedure required to implement the program, a temporary payment program will be installed to make payments until the permanent payment program is implemented. During this interim period, if you are eligible and continue to certify weekly, you will be issued batch payments. Please be aware that the interim payment system does not include up to date account balances, hence your account inquiry will show a zero balance. This will change once weekly payments resume.

Or in other words if you are on unemployment, we need to hold your payments for a couple of weeks.

Considering that the first sentence of the letter mentions president Obama’s signature on this legislation the reader will tend to associate this problem with him. I suspect he has little responsibility for the complexity of the legislation but the people reading will the letter won’t be thinking that. They will see “President Obama” and “your checks are delayed.”

Talk about bad timing! And this is the man that they are bringing into help shore up Martha “I hate People” Coakley? Can’t anyone play this game?

Coakley doesn’t like to press the flesh. She represents the Ghost of Massachusetts past:

Scott Brown likes to press the flesh, he represent the Spirit of Massachusetts’ future.

Any Questions?