I never thought I’d be at a Rally with Bill Clinton

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But there I was at WPI with Stacy and my youngest listening to Two congressmen, the Lt Gov, Martha Coakley (a handsome woman) and President Bill Clinton.

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After listening to the ex President’s rather long presentation I have to say I can understand why he is popular. If you don’t know history and if you are unfamiliar with the Clinton years (as I suspect most of the college students in that hall are) you might just fall for the BS. It’s another one of those Ribos operation open honest face moments to wit:

DOCTOR: I wonder if ol’ Taffy knows the real value of it. “Scringe stone” found in a dead man’s pocket? A lost mine? A phoney ma… are people still falling for that old guff? I mean are they?
ROMANA: You mean you didn’t believe his story?
ROMANA: But he had such an honest face.
DOCTOR: Romana!! You can’t be a successful crook with a DIShonest face, can you?

As he has gotten older he seems to me more like Garron than Unstoffe I mean really, compare this (via a member of the World’s greatest family)

With this:

The only difference between the con men are the hairline and the video quality and the crowd was eating it up. Once the president was done the crowd started thining. This was a problem for Martha but I’d pity any person who has to follow him on stage.

I have to say I had been saying I was feeling like the Sox had just won game five. After comparing the Coakley and the Brown Rallies and attending both, I’m feeling like game 6 is in the can and all we have do is win game 7 at Yankee Stadium and we are home!

Update: Stacy has heard this siren song before so before the president was done he went outside to meet with the Brown people, there were an awful lot of them.

Update 2: The Washington Examiner was there too and Susan Ferrechio (met her, nice lady) included this quote from the prez:

“This is making sausage, it all looks ugly,”

My letter to Glenn Reynolds from 2003 applies here:

I stood there and watched him making sausages and realized that the old saying about Sausages no matter how true it might be for a plant or maybe another butcher shop it wasn’t true at Romano’s. (I can’t speak for other local butchers but I would bet good money that this is true for other family butcher shops too.)

I think Mike and the other local butchers deserve a caveat.

7 years later Mike is still making Great Sasuage and if the democrats and the president were interested in stopping the fatcats then they would keep President Obama’s promise concerning C-Span instead of playing backroom games.

Update 3: Spelling mistakes fixed, why am I doing this at 2:30 a.m.?

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  2. President Clinton once came to the aircraft carrier I was stationed on at the time. Thankfully I had the late watch and was able to go home before he came.

    I would have thrown up seeing the draft dodging bum who “loathed” the military speak to us wearing a flight jacket.

  3. Adrienne says:

    She is not a handsome woman. She has thin lips…

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