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Leominster is a nice town…

Posted: January 4, 2010 by datechguy in oddities

but I’ve never heard it described as stunning before.

I’m the odd man out on facebook.

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All the other members of the Worlds Greatest family are on Facebook. So are most of my younger relatives etc.

Being an old Sicilian I’ve never been interested in social networking sites, I didn’t even get onto AOL until my job required it.

Lately I’ve been seeing the back and forth of the problems of a relative for all the world to see.

I can’t understand why anyone would want to share that kind of stuff online. I don’t think I ever will.

I think I’ll stay the odd man out.

…I’m looking all over the web this morning and I don’t see a thing on TV or that is of the least bit interesting. The Number #1 story on memorandum is Sullivan attacking Glenn Reynolds as a racist for daring to blow up (not even photoshop) an image in the White House Flicker basket.

Expect Charles Johnson to follow shortly, what has happened to those halcyon days of the four of the Ablogalypse?

Those happy days of 2003

Den Beste’s USS Clueless one of the best blogs there has ever been is gone replaced by chizumatic. Sullivan’s and Johnson’s decent into Bloggers Alzheimer’s has been well documented

Only Reynolds remains unchanging, as he was death it seems quite appropriate.

My thought on this; were stamps really 32 cents in 2003?

Update: Here is a question: Who would be the four horsemen today? I say Robert Stacy, Michelle Malkin and the Captain would join Glenn. (Ed Morrissey will always be the Captain to me).

Update 2: You know there must be a written rule that I can only get an Instalanche when I’m asleep or haven’t been looking at my computer. Welcome all and take a look around, there wasn’t much going on today or yesterday due to the annual open house, but see my review of the End of Time part 2, Learn why Babe Ruth is greater than Aaron, Williams and Bonds, Get caught up in the Johnson wars if you wish, take up the green man’s burden, and don’t forget to come back on the weekends for links to my Amazon reviews of everything from games, to movies, to Doctor Who audios.

Update 3: And go visit Peg as well, I owe her, she was banned for me.

Update 4: Time for a poll to select the new Horsemen

Update 5: You know you’ve made it when Althouse links, now if I can just turn this into 40k a year somehow I’ll be all set.