Boy is the news boring today…

Posted: January 4, 2010 by datechguy in oddities, opinion/news
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…I’m looking all over the web this morning and I don’t see a thing on TV or that is of the least bit interesting. The Number #1 story on memorandum is Sullivan attacking Glenn Reynolds as a racist for daring to blow up (not even photoshop) an image in the White House Flicker basket.

Expect Charles Johnson to follow shortly, what has happened to those halcyon days of the four of the Ablogalypse?

Those happy days of 2003

Den Beste’s USS Clueless one of the best blogs there has ever been is gone replaced by chizumatic. Sullivan’s and Johnson’s decent into Bloggers Alzheimer’s has been well documented

Only Reynolds remains unchanging, as he was death it seems quite appropriate.

My thought on this; were stamps really 32 cents in 2003?

Update: Here is a question: Who would be the four horsemen today? I say Robert Stacy, Michelle Malkin and the Captain would join Glenn. (Ed Morrissey will always be the Captain to me).

Update 2: You know there must be a written rule that I can only get an Instalanche when I’m asleep or haven’t been looking at my computer. Welcome all and take a look around, there wasn’t much going on today or yesterday due to the annual open house, but see my review of the End of Time part 2, Learn why Babe Ruth is greater than Aaron, Williams and Bonds, Get caught up in the Johnson wars if you wish, take up the green man’s burden, and don’t forget to come back on the weekends for links to my Amazon reviews of everything from games, to movies, to Doctor Who audios.

Update 3: And go visit Peg as well, I owe her, she was banned for me.

Update 4: Time for a poll to select the new Horsemen

Update 5: You know you’ve made it when Althouse links, now if I can just turn this into 40k a year somehow I’ll be all set.

  1. There is method to my madness. The reason I started blogging about anime is because it is utterly inconsequential, and thus won’t attract the attention of readers who are earnest.

  2. vanderleun says:

    “The reason I started blogging about anime is because it is utterly inconsequential, and thus won’t attract the attention of readers who are earnest.”

    What a plan. I expected the Den Beste reason to be for the furry anime porn moments.

  3. I remember that post well. Ah, back in 2003 — when some of us had been blogging for over a year, and thought we knew what we were doing.

    Well… Glenn knew, which might be the reason Instapundit is still crazy (good) after all these years.

  4. pst314 says:

    Whatever the reasons, Mr. Den Beste, I miss you but respect your decision and wish you well.

    Glad you kept your archives up and available.

  5. Tex Lovera says:

    Well, I’d nominate Wretchard at the Belmont Club. Extremely thoughtful, well-written commentary from someone schooled in the classics. His commenters are pretty good, too. Alas, he probably doesn’t get the traffic others do, but then again, maybe that’s a feature, not a bug…

  6. cthulhu says:

    Got here on a link from Instapundit, two of the first four comments are SDB and Vanderleun….dude, you’re in the big leagues.

  7. Captain Ed was always too closely aligned with the Republicans as a party for me instead of conservatism generally (as are Michelle and Hugh Hewitt). You can still find Den Beste chiming in occasionally at Chicagoboyz and if you want a drop of daily links Maggie’s Farm is a must read (fusionist conservative/libertarian). NRO’s “The Corner” should be the goto fusionist blog but it has devolved into a horse-race blog and is rarely interesting to me.

  8. The Fifth Horseman says:

    Read about the Four Horseman of Male Emancipation, which come into play once the excesses of feminism collapse in on themselves.

  9. Jim C. says:

    I saved the 4 horsemen graphic I liked best. It was originally at

    four horsemen of the ablogalypse feb 2003

  10. Jim C. says:

    Darn it! That should be “”.

  11. Fen says:

    Damn, Steve. I’m still passing your “Tribes” along to all my contacts. Has to be the best blog post of the year. Thanks!

  12. docweasel says:

    Bill Whittle’s blog, even though I don’t think he posts there anymore, is long-winded and kick-ass (the archives, anyway)- check it out, even dated, it still rocks:

  13. R Ford Mashburn says:

    As far as the four horsemen are concerned, Powerline Blog replaced Andrew Sullivan, Ed Morrisey replaced Charles Johnson, and Richard Fernandez replaced Den Beste.

    The Belmont Club has replaced the “in depth” posts I once found at USS Clueless; Belmont Club has been picked up by Pajamas Media under the link of its principle author, Richard Fernandez.

  14. DJMoore says:

    Victor David Hanson would fill in well for Den Beste, until he, too, goes off the deep end, and starts talking about raisins all the time.

    ESR would be good, except, dammit, he forgoes posting in favor of doing actual useful work. Worthless scum.

    Mike Vanderboegh of the Sipsey Street Irregulars. Now there’s an apocalyptic horseman for ya.

    Or Anthony Watts, Carbon Belching Motorcyclist of the Anti-Apocalypse.

    And Mike of Cold Fury has just been freezing all the pipes to hell and gone recently.

  15. DJMoore says:

    Oh, and I still read Den Beste, because he actually makes all that crap sound interesting. He sees what the animators were trying to do better than they did, and it’s wonderful, even the stuff I turn out not to like so much.

  16. Bob says:

    Steven, how dare you imply that serious Art such as Anime is inconsequential?!

    [Notary’s testimony: Bob delivered the above line while keeping a straight face. Mostly]

  17. Nicholas says:

    Steven, I would have preferred you just “cat mailbox > /dev/null” and keep writing as you did. But it’s your choice, and our loss.

  18. Pawn says:

    I was wondering when someone would remember the four horseman. Man, how things have changed. I would like to thank SDB again for his efforts. It was like getting hooked on blogs with the pure stuff. Call me a moron for nominating the AOS blogger, what’s his name. His comments section rivals LGF in it’s heyday. Maybe it’s me but the Blogoshere seems coarser these days.

  19. Chap says:

    Every chance I get:

    Thanks to Den Beste for doing what he did, even though he doesn’t do that now. I learned something and that’s not something I say about many blogs.

  20. As per your Update question: Rachel Lucas, Frank J. and Emperor Misha now ride alongside the Puppy Blender. Cap’n Ed is great, and McCain is a rising star, but those three are unswerving guideposts of Bloglandia, banging it out today same as they did in the day.

  21. Peg C. says:

    I just want Steven to know I still miss him every day, I refer back to his USS Clueless posts, and I still refer new friends (now on FB) to his incomparable essays as timeless bits of perfection.

    I’m also amazed at the postage rate changes. Still looking for ways to NOT use the USPS!

    Johnson and Sullivan, 2 insane peas in a pod. I had to take my printout of the Four Horsemen off my desk overhead finally because I couldn’t stand looking at those 2 anymore…

    Thanks for the memories, datechguy!

  22. Jay Tea says:

    I, too, miss Mr. Den Beste’s ventures into more consequential matters than “fan service,” but one who comes close to being a worthy successor is Richard “Wretchard” Fernandez of Belmont Club fame. He’s another “big thinker” in the vein of Mr. Den Beste.


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  24. Tex Lovera says:

    After some additional thought, I’d also nominate Tim Blair, who lays down a daily dose of withering fire at the enemies of liberal conservatism.

    The fourth horseman (along with Glenn, Wretchard and Blair)? IOWAHAWK! Except instead of a “horse”, he would scorch Gaia, the ultimate MILF, astride his Coupe of Justice.

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  26. Sarah Rolph says:

    It took me a long time to get over Den Beste’s decision. What a beautiful voice. I was upset by the reason for his departure. I remember that post, when he told us the hate mail was just too much. One of the greatest writers on the web, giving us beautiful, helpful essays, for free, and idiots had to wreck it. I’m just glad he found something else he wanted to write about.

    My favorite blogger these days, in addition to Insty, is Jules Crittenden. Nice variety of subject matter, conservative but individual, great voice, good strong war reporting–he was embedded in Iraq, and his series from there is terrific. Good sense of humor, too.

  27. tau neutrino says:

    SDB now does occasional columns for the Green Room on Hot Air, so there is hope.

  28. Can someone enlighten me on what happened to Charles Johnson? I took a break from reading LGF years ago and recently took a look at it and was completely surprised by how much it had changed.

    I agree that Richard Fernandez,VDH and Tim Blair need to be on the list somewhere. Does that now make the 7 horsemen?

    Chrenkoff too was an incredible blogger.

  29. vanderleun says:

    Johnson no longer merits attention.

    For the current list neoneocon makes the cut. Day after day for years a great output and great comments.

  30. Sarah Rolph says:

    I agree that neo is great, and if we’re doing psychbloggers, Dr. Sanity is also way great. Shrinkwrapped is also right up there, in my book.

    Chrenkoff: Yeah, baby.

    I guess it’s not the four horsemen anymore… more like the Many Horse Tag-Team of the Ablogolypse.

  31. Seppo says:

    Datechguy, great post, thanks.

    On those days when I am pressed for time, the essential stops are at Pajamas Media for Wretchard, VDH, Ledeen, Simon, Radosh, Vodkapundit, and the rest, but Belmont Club always, even if the others must be deferred.

    For a laugh, Tim Blair excels, and Jules Crittenden has smarts and laughs. Iowahawk might be the best satirist writing today. Glenn Greenwald and Sullivan aren’t satirists, right?

    Tigerhawk and Maggie’s Farm are great for pithy posts and many links, and Instapundit’s dizzying output remains a great treasure trove.

    The Captain was worth reading, but Hot Air is a hideous site so Ed Morrissey now goes unread.

    Vanderleun and neoneo are always full of good stuff, and anything Mark Steyn posts is worth a read.

    Instapundit and Richard Fernandez are

  32. vanderleun says:

    Thanks for the shout out Seppo.

    Pace Den Beste but for my money when it comes to sites the commenters can (but don’t always) make it.

    Two cases in point that I touched on above: Belmont and Neoneo always have great comment threads. I’ve lately taken to posting good comments from either in my main or side column.

    Belmont:Neoneo– ‘Come for the posts. Stay for the converstation.’

  33. Peg says:

    Datechguy – you are a sweetheart to link to me, too! As for getting banned… I reiterate. If you don’t help out of common courtesy, if you don’t extend yourself … what is your worth? Sadly, too, getting banned from LGF actually placed me in the class where I more properly belonged.

    In addition to Glenn, I always visit Ed at HotAir (he’s “the Captain” for me, too!) – along with Kudlow, Megan McArdle at Asymmetrical Information (one of the few voices at the Atlantic worth reading any longer), BookerRising blogspot (firm proof that there really are black conservatives and moderates out there), Greg Mankiw, Volokh Conspiracy, and my friend, Professor Keith Burgess-Jackson. I know; more than 4 – but – sometimes four is just NOT enough.

    Congrats on your Instalanche! I’ve gotten a couple; very exciting and fun. And now, I have Instalanche Ricochet – thanks! :)

  34. Peg says:

    DTG – personally, I believe that in the long run, we ourselves are aided when we do a favor.

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  37. Yackums says:

    Gotta agree with most of what people have suggested here, but I couldn’t let Protein Wisdom go unmentioned…warning: don’t enter the comments section without having monitor-cleaning supplies ready.