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Cue 1812 for Camp of the Saints…

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….to celebrate their addition to our blogroll!

Because he describes himself as a “fallen Catholic” I will not include him in that category. May he someday get up.

There is charity and there are scams…

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and our friends at Zolex PC have an important warning about the latter:

Unfortunately tragedies and catastrophes like Haiti’s current situation can give rise to golden opportunities for scammers and Flim-Flammers alike to make money off of a willing and generous public. There are plenty of Scam Sites already out there trying to do this masking themselves as helping Haiti but really just helping themselves to your generous donations.

The advice is basic but too often ignored. Remember the thieves go where the money is and the money now is online, and available via “text”…

Websites can be put up in a matter of hours and appear completely legitimate so do your research before you donate your money to a scam. Texting scams are very common. With texting you never know what else you could be signing up for. Scams come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Be it via Text messaging, Email Scams, Websites, Facebook, or any other means. Where there is a way to take advantage and trick people through their own generosity, you can be sure there are plenty of slime and scum who will take advantage of it.

Read the whole thing as they say. Also if you decide to give online do a google or yahoo search to be sure you are getting to a real site, particularly if you are iffy on spelling. This makes it less likely to hit a “spoof” site. DON’T give via e-mail links or IM requests.

Take this advice to heart so that your hard earned money goes to those who need it not to those who are looking for a quick buck. (My advice: give through your local church if you have one).

Q: Why is George Monbiot spending his time trying to “apprehend” people like Tony Blair and John Bolton instead of people like say Lloyd Woodson or Mohammed Bouyeri?

It’s the same reason why human shields always deploy against the US and Israel but never against the people they fight and the same reason why people who are fearless about outraging Christian sensibilities shrink from tweaking Islam.

The countdown to June 6th begins

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Got back from the Unemployment office a little bit ago. Arrived there at 8:15 and got out a little after 10 a.m. (First rule of Government queues, always bring a book!)

It appears for the next three weeks I’m going to be getting “live checks” vs the direct deposit that I had set up and then I begin my last extension. Barring any new legislation I have until the first week of June to find something. Ironically the 66th anniversary of D-Day is my D-Day.

I have another interview on Thursday (oddly for a job I applied for two months ago) but the time has come to go long on frugality, come up with a brilliant business idea or take whatever might turn up. If I can manage 67% of my last pay I can meet my bills (barring crisis) without going into debt.

However the woman I talked to at unemployment was telling me that her kid is in her 2nd year at WPI. From what she was saying only 1 of the class that just graduated that she knows has a job so it doesn’t bode well. Then again a commentator here clearly is doing worse that me and both of us are living like kings compared to the poor souls in Port au Prince.

In the end its all moot. No more of the expectations game, I have 18 weeks warning. If this problem is going to be solved it’s going to require less philosophy and more initiative. So I’d better get on the ball before I end up behind the 8 ball.