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We are in South Boston around a table live streaming as we talk about the Brown campaign.

Click above if you want to see a fat Sicilian in a fedora talk in a Massachusetts Accent.

We are talking the Election with Ali A. Akbar, who is a consultant assisting the New Media aspect of the campaign.

be the start of another Massachusetts Revolution?

Looking at the old School House Rock Video there are a lot of Parallels.

We have an arrogant elite based in Boston.

We have average people turning out in the countryside.

And we have people coming from thousands of miles away to join the fight.

Let’s hope the national and state GOP has the sense to make use of this for November.

We will be on the road for a bit…

Posted: January 18, 2010 by datechguy in local stuff

…to see what we can see.

…by her ability to make the worst possible decisions of any candidate ever as Gateway Pundit reports.

I can’t believe the person running her campaign has a job and I don’t.

This is a Nelson moment if I ever saw one.

Of course if certain union guys know something; I don’t she will post this about me in a couple of days.