I don’t know what Rally Carl Cameron was at…

Posted: January 17, 2010 by datechguy in elections, internet/free speech, opinion/news, personal
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…but there were plenty of people waiting outside to get in to see the President who were not let in. In my opinion this Fox report is misleading.

Cameron was inside and I wasn’t so I don’t doubt that he saw a hall that was not filled, but it wasn’t for lack of supporters as at least 500 people that I presume were Coakley supporters were not let in. I know since I was in the middle of them.

In fact I personally spoke to a woman with a cane and a pronounced limp who had been passed through but was sent back due to fire limitations. (more on her later tonight). Perhaps it was a question of security. There were easily more Scott Brown people outside protesting than Coakley people waiting to come in (more on that later) so maybe they were worried about screening out people who opposed the president and the candidate getting in so the campaign had to keep a tight leash to avoid mass heckling.

Either way the implication that she could not fill the hall is false and should be clarified by Fox.

However Cameron is absolutely correct that there is no comparison in terms of enthusiasm. Perhaps because I am less experienced than Robert Stacy but after what I saw today in BOSTON proper, continuing the Game 7 parallel it is the bottom of the 5th with the Sox up 8-1

Update: I like Gateway pundit a lot but it would be a good idea to correct this post on the subject.

Update 2: Stacy was there with the Brown people and can back me up.

Update 3: Holy Guacamole 2 instalances in one month! (eat your heart out Charles) and for once I’m at my PC when it happens! Welcome Instapundit readers I’ve had Robert Stacy McCain crashing on my couch this week proving that my wife is part of the World’s greatest family. You can read my first hand reports (and low brow humor ) here And you can find Stacy’s coverage on both his site, the American Spectator blog and the green room.

As we say in the North End. “Leave the candidate, bring the cannoli

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