The Bookstores they are a changin’

Posted: July 5, 2010 by datechguy in internet/free speech, oddities, opinion/news
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Went to breakfast with a friend who is in town for the 4th. When I brought up the parade with John Olver and Bill Gunn, he expressed satisfaction that Olver was being challenged but expressed doubt that he could be beaten. It’s been a few years since he lived in this neck of the woods, if he had followed me to the local Barnes and Noble he might have changed his mind.

One of the signs of a down economy is that business that once catered to political whims don’t have that luxury, they have to make money to survive and act accordingly. Just two years ago at the local B & N you would find plenty of liberal books in your face while you need to search for conservative volumes near the back.

I’ve mentioned that last year conservative authors started to get more space but I was still shocked when in the prominent works section I found The Road to Serfdom not only in the area for notable books and new bestsellers, but with only 3 copies left on a practically empty shelf.

My surprise was even greater when as I headed for the history section, there on the featured author table were the works of…Glen Beck!?!

Glenn Beck a featured author in Leominster Massachusetts? Totally unheard of. Even worse for the left was the lack of liberal volumes on display. I found Stephen Colbert in the bargain section and he wasn’t alone. He was joined by Bill Bradley (not so odd) but also by…Ted Kennedy?

Run that through your head for a moment. The last of the Kennedy Brothers, the man who won 69% of the vote in 2006. Gone less than a year yet Liberal Lion the fall and rise of Ted Kennedy. is in the bargain bins. 47 years in the Senate and he is an afterthought. His widow had better take that into account when 2012 comes around.

If you want to know why John Olver and company feel the need to run like the wind, this is it. People are voting with their wallets and retailers can’t waste shelf space on unwanted liberal books.

Oh and there is bad news for Mitt Romney as well. Both his new book and Sarah Palin’s were available as audio books. Sarah’s Going Rogue was discounted 20% after being out nearly a year. Mitt’s No Apology was discounted 40% after being out 3 months.

If this is Massachusetts what must be happening in New Jersey?

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