Trig Trutherism hits Andrew Sullivan with a cluebat

Posted: July 27, 2010 by datechguy in media, opinion/news
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Who knew that Sullivan’s Syndrome might have a positive side effect:

If you want to know why the allegedly liberal media didn’t touch – and still won’t touch – this story, look no further. It has nothing to do with the facts, and everything to do with their politics. Notice the core modus operandi of the political operative, not the journalist. When dealing with a story: first ask yourself not if it is true but whether the outcome benefits your side. Second, write things in defense of this that you cannot possibly know. Palin a “wonderful mother”? How on earth did Klein know that?

I’m reminded of the line from Screwtape XIII where Screwtape comments that a “patient” is: “defended from strong temptations to social ambition by a still stronger taste for tripe and onions” His trig trutherism is such a deeply held belief that it removes the blinders from his eyes to the dangerous of journolist and the lies therin one more quote:

This is your liberal media, ladies and gentlemen: totally partisan, interested in the truth only if it advances their agenda, and devoid of any balls whatsoever.

His Palin derangement comes through in the next lines blinding to the fact that of course the press would have the willingness to attack Palin in 2012 just not with Trig Trutherism. I will say this for him: He was honest enough in his delusion to openly admit it and fight for it, not so others.

Via Sissywillis on Twitter

Top memeorandum thread here.

How Ironic is it that Sullivan’s trig trutherism might be the thing that forces the journolist into the MSM? I know the Lord works in mysterious ways but this takes the cake.

Update: Who the **** is Leo La-Port?

Update 2: Ok that name I recognize. All you need to make news is a fedora and a trenchcoat to sit on.

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  2. Sissy Willis says:

    Great post. As you said about one of mine the other day, ‘wish I’d written that!

    Thanks for the link. :D

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  4. Sissy Willis says:

    I’m glad we got THAT straightened out. As I mentioned on Twitter, I’m terrible with names. But you KNEW that. ;D