..as they keep showing up at local Tea Party Candidate forums. Here are some photos from the event:

People gathered as the Candidates and their supporters arrived

The crowd was good particularly early

This photo must be an optical illusion

Don’t tell Charles Sherrod that guy was there

A few of the candidates for Sheriff posed for pictures:

Keith Nicholas (I) for Worcester County Sheriff

One Independent

Scott Bove (D) for Sheriff

Bove made his second appearance at twin city

Tom Foley (D) for Worcester County Sheriff

For Foley it was his first visit, those D’s are not an illusion I guess they didn’t get the NAACP memo that we were a bunch of evil loons. The Republican candidate was also there but he was in and out and I didn’t get a chance to get a posed solo shot of him.

Now thats a gavel for a tea party meeting

Gotta love the cool Tea Party Gavel. Talked to several people in attendance before the candidates went on:

First there was Bob

And then there was Joanne:

Unfortunately Joanne left right after the forum so not only did she miss getting interviewed a 2nd time but she missed the Monday 25 cent wings and half price appetizers at the Border Grille & Bar after 8 p.m. That’s tragic. However I did catch Bob again:

This post is already the size of Cuba so I’ll put the actual candidate speeches in a later post. I still have to tweak the Youtube descriptions and one video upload failed overnight. I’ll have news from the forum all through the day.

Update: Candidate forum videos up

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