New York Times Pontificates, God Laughs Al Gore et/al cries

Posted: December 27, 2010 by datechguy in economy, media, opinion/news
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As the sun beings to rise on a day when the current (6:50 a.m.) wind chill of 10 degrees is the warmest we see for a bit.

We see that the religion of Global Warming oops sorry Climate Change is still the religion of choice for our friends of the left (much better than that Christian stuff with actual rules on how to treat people) and we have a flock of stories on the subject Lets Start with Don Surber who comments on this post at the NYT blog concerning Global warming being actually worse than what we think:

This tells me two things.

1. The global warming crowd are now hiding behind the euphemism “climate change” because the post is about a rise in temperature.

2. Obviously the global warming side is not winning even with the media dominated by so many True Believers in this crackpot theory.

I have a problem with people who mock balanced coverage. That is supposed to be the goal of journalism. Journalists are supposed to inform not educate.

The other problem is framing this as a debate on how high the temperature will rise. There are those scientists who fear a return to global cooling as we feared would happen in the 1970s. The sudden drop in sunspots in the summer of 2007 could portend a return to pre-1850 temperatures.

Don Don Don this is a religion, it has nothing to do with what is actually going on.

Ed Driscoll at PJM continues pointing to the coverage and makes a prediction:

We reviewed a number of those headlines then and now, in our “Hide the Decline” edition of Silicon Graffiti last year. Tune in here if you missed it.

And speaking of movies, as I mentioned back in March, a lot of Hollywood’s recent global warming doomfests are going to be remembered as updated versions of Reefer Madness to the next generation of movie fans. Today’s global warming fear-mongering is tomorrow’s late-night camp TV.

The irony of course is today as the east coast is hit by a blizzard and Atlanta has wind chills in the 20’s Morning Joe replays an interview with James Cameron talking all Global warming and how we must act.

He quotes this post by Stacy that says in part:

The problem, of course, is that Science keeps running head-on into those stubborn little things called “facts.” Despite all these “Trust Us We’re Scientists” arguments, people still refuse to believe that global warming causes record snowfall:

With the East Coast gripped by bitter cold, Paris paralyzed by snow and a headline in the UK’s Daily Express exclaiming, “Britain is Freezing to Death,” global warming alarmists will again have to fall back on their “climate change” sleight of hand to explain away the cold.

That’s just one of the “Top 10 Bad Developments for Global Warming Alarmists.”

Mind you that post was written on DEC 22nd 5 days before the events of today.

Meanwhile the latest from the left wing Guardian was just too much for Ann Althouse:

When everything is evidence of the thing you want to believe, it might be time to stop pretending you’re all about science.

Unaware? I don’t think “unaware” enters into it considering the e-mails, Don Surber again:

I worked for a while on a dairy farm. My job was to push the brown stuff outside.

Hey Cohen isn’t a weather expert; he’s a dairy farm worker.

Blizzards across the northern hemisphere and a white Christmas in Australia do not disprove global warming. The lies from the researchers, as disclosed in Climategate, already did that.

Forgetting the arrogance of us determining what the proper “climate” is supposed to be we can bottom line
Global warming/Climate Change with two goals:

Goal 1: To advance a collectivist agenda by redistributing wealth from those who produce (ie da West).

Goal 2: To allow the elites to once again act as feudal lords using tax payer funds to support themselves while taking the odd jet to comfortable locations around the globe where they can eat the finest foods, drink the finest liquors and enjoy comfortable companionship while proclaiming to the world their moral superiority while urging you to shut off that extra light to save the world.

The only green thing about Global Warming and Climate change is the cash that will be extorted from you.

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  2. The whole Climate Change agenda gets a bit off the track. I cannot understand how people can turn simple enviroment protection into politics. What cash is extorted from you when you decide to reduce your energy spending and start buying local products? Whatever the real climate situation will turn out to be, I truly do not think being more enviromentally cautious can do us any harm.

  3. dahospitalityguy says:

    Snow? in wintertime? in New England?

    What is next? Sunny in Florida in the summertime?

  4. foster says:

    They should put up a ski slope on the side of Burbank hill so the Techguy and the whole Fedora-nation (or is that Fedor-ation?) could do a little downhill.

    Wait, didn’t they used to have one there?


  5. […] best example of course being the change from “Global Warming” to “Climate Change” as Victor Davis Hanson mentions in this piece: When did […]