Our last day of assured Freedom

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Smaug: I am almost tempted to let you take it, if only to see Oakenshield suffer, watch it destroy him, watch it corrupt his heart and drive him mad

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug 2013

I’m been in COVID quarantine for a little over a week and have taken advantage of this time to not only get my 3rd season of Dynasty All time Great league going (Opening day is Friday if you’re interested in joining although a few have gotten games in early) and also took the time to re-watch the entire five seasons of Maverick (1957-1962), the one season of Brett Maverick (1982) and the extended versions of Peter Jackson’s Masterpieces the three Hobbit Movies (An Unexpected Journey 2012, The Desolation of Smaug 2013 The Battle of Five Armies 2014) and the three Lord of the Rings Movies ( The Fellowship of the Ring 2001, The Two Towers 2002 and the Return of the King 2003).

What might seem odd is that with all that free time I didn’t bother to read a pair of old history books that I was excited to pick up. Essentials in Ancient History from the earliest records to Charlemagne (1902) by Arthur Mayer Wolfson and Albert Bushnell Hart and Essentials in American History from the discovery to the present day by Albert Bushnell Hart (1908) both were a bit beaten up but to my delight both turned out to be 1st editions. My wife had bought me a third book Essentials in Medieval and Modern History From Charlemagne to the Present Day by Samuel Banister Harding and Albert Bushnell Hart (1905) for Christmas and I had been nibbling at it on my lunch hours at work.

One of the reason why I didn’t hit these books is I like to read this kind of history during my breaks and lunch hours at work to give me the intellectual stimulation that current employment does not but also because of how depressing it will be to read these histories during a time when I don’t have the distraction of work to avoid the obvious comparisons between the degree of scholarship that was expected of teachers and students 110 years ago and ignorance of the students of today fueled by educators either fueled by their own ignorance or by cowardice at the consequences from any deviation from pushing said ignorance on their charges.

The end results are so plain to the point where people who should know better are pushing it for the sake of political power and control is so disgraceful and so soul shattering to a person who has had a love of history since childhood is one of the most disheartening things resulting from the fraud imposed upon us, fraud so imposing that the media and government actually pretends that the number of troops are necessary to herald its reign safely was twice as many as Winfield Scott Needed to conquer Mexico in 1847.

Of course that’s a fact that ‘s unlikely to be known to either students or teachers today because we allowed our enemies to take over the curriculum to be taught to our students to the point that our students have no idea that the freedoms that they had enjoyed up to and including today and the sudden drop in their liberties that will commence (and to some degree has due to peer pressure) was not the natural state of humans in general or Americans in particular but something that came to them due to the efforts of great and good men that they have squandered.

But there is one more card I’d like to play. Reading this history today will be no different that reading it any other day I have over the last 40 or 50 years…but starting tomorrow, reading such history will be a revolutionary act. Not because it talks of the acts and deeds of people who are mostly male (they were) and mostly Caucasian (they were) and to a large degree the founders of western civilization (which they also were) but because with less technology, less resources and more risk created a civilization better than any that has to this date existed in human society which not only provided an abundance of material wealth and comfort but raised more people out of the poverty, slavery and servitude that was the norm of the vast majority of the human race since we have walked this earth.

Reading these books and sharing those fact with people who have never been exposed to them are the best acts of defiance that can be made to challenge our new wannabe lords who would reduce us to serfdom and my I humbly suggest to those who might have children or grandchildren who are now being home schooled or doing remoting learning that spreading these facts to your children and grandchildren might be the single most valuable service you can do for your country or society short of baptism.

As the left sells their big lie tomorrow counter with the truth of what America has been and maybe, just maybe it can be that once again.

Closing thought: As I linked to free online editions of these books one might ask why I bothered to buy them. Two reasons:

  1. The only power I need to read them is a light source
  2. Nobody can edit a physical book in my hand without my knowledge

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