Report from Louisiana: Covid Fatigue

Posted: January 18, 2021 by Pat Austin in Uncategorized
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By:  Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT – This probably won’t be a popular opinion, but I have to be honest.

I am sick and tired of losing good people to coronavirus. A very good man died this week from Covid-19; he was 57 and had recently retired from teaching. He was a popular high school football coach during his career and highly regarded by his peers. He leaves behind a father, a brother, a sister, and two children.

My friend is but one example of the hundreds dead from this virus.

You can tell me that these people died from their comorbidities, from sepsis, from heart attack, whatever; the point is, they’d be alive still had they not contracted the coronavirus.

Another good friend of mine came down with Covid-19 over the Christmas break. She is in her 50s, and in excellent health. She has mostly recovered from her illness but is still recovering from the double pneumonia Covid brought to her. She’s being closely monitored for blood clots.

My stepson, a nurse, caught Covid from a patient. Young and in excellent health, he suffered greatly and was hospitalized for a week. Because the hospitals are full, he spent over 30 hours in the ER waiting for a room

I know people that I otherwise thought were intelligent, educated professionals who are refusing the vaccine because they’re convinced that the government is injecting something into them through the virus.

I can no longer pretend understanding for people who think the virus is a politically motivated hoax. Even those who believe government officials are using the virus for nefarious gain – to tank the economy, to promote themselves, whatever.

I have been called “delusional” because I believe the virus is real and that it will kill you. I do not care. Names do not hurt me.

I believe in the science.


And I am tired of watching friends suffer or die because people won’t wear a mask, are tired of wearing a mask, or think masks are stupid and useless. I am tired of parents sending their kids to school sick, while they wait on test results to come back. I am exhausted for the health care workers putting in twelve hour shifts laboring day after day to save people who are drowning in their own fluids because someone else thought this virus was a political tool.

We are so busy trying to solve the immediate crisis that we aren’t thinking too much about the coming mental health toll all this will bring.

Over the holiday season I have seen my social media filled with people gathering with family, extended family, and friends. I’ve seen photos of New Years celebrations, baby showers, football playoff parties, and birthday celebrations. And now the case numbers are higher than they’ve ever been. Go figure.

Deaths are rising too.

I know that people have to work, that the economy has to keep going. I get that. I see the benefit having the schools open has on our children.

But I’m past being patient with people who are too selfish to wear a mask and maybe save someone’s life.

I’m looking at the children of my friend who died yesterday and wondering how they will ever understand this.

Wear your mask. Get your vaccine. Let’s just please do our part to help end this and we can analyze conspiracy theories later.

Pat Austin blogs at And So it Goes in Shreveport and is the author of Cane River Bohemia: Cammie Henry and her Circle at Melrose Plantation. Follow her on Instagram @patbecker25 and Twitter @paustin110.

  1. LS says:

    County by county and state by state, coronavirus cases and deaths

    Try to correlate the rising and falling in the curves with mask mandates, shutdowns, whatever non-pharmacological interventions (NPI).

    The data says the NPI “don’t work.” 0% effective or 5% effective or maybe 5% harmful, nobody knows. If you have to use advanced statistical methods to see it, they are not highly effective.

    All well known in 2006. google: Inglesby Nuzzo 2006 to find the article Biosecur Bioterror. 2006;4(4):366-75

    And masks do create misery. I have seen the hearing impaired deal with it. Also, the mask cuts the field of vision, leading to more trip-and-falls. If we can save even one life by ditching the masks…

    Mask Karens definitely create misery.

    Seasonal effects dominate. In every region, there is a bad wave. The US is big enough that the bad wave happens somewhere, probably finishes burning over within the year.

    Sorry, but it is inevitable. Eight weeks or so, and it’s over in a particular area.

    Hospitals do not get overwhelmed. All the places the press moans about … have had capacity issues in bad flu seasons in recent years. Yes, tent hospitals in Los Angeles in January 2018.

    40% of Los Angeles firefighters refused vaccine. You would have to ask them why.

  2. Joe Wooten says:

    Pat, I can sympathize, but your demand that everyone wear a mask is silly. Don’t be stampeded by the climate of fear the media is raising over this virus. You have only a 99.7% chance of surviving an infection. Take Vitamin D and Zinc supplements to boost your immune system.

    Unless it is a fitted N95 mask or a fitted respirator, it WILL NOT stop the virus from entering or leaving you. If you can breathe easily through it, it is not filtering the air. The Wuflu virus is 0.3 microns in diameter, which is at least 10 orders of magnitude smaller than the smallest pores on the paper masks most folks wear. The cloth gaiters some wear are even worse.

    A mask that can filter out this virus will require that you have to work hard to breathe through it and will also fit tight enough to leave bruises on sensitive skin. I have refused to wear a mask since the middle of April and have not gotten sick yet. My wife probably had it back in February 2020 when she had to be hospitalized for a week. She had all the symptoms.

    Wearing a mask to prevent breathing in the CCP virus is like using a chain link fence as mosquito netting.

  3. The Dark Lord says:

    Your lockdowns have killed and WILL kill many more people than Covid … People that would not have died from Covid … It will never end you fool so take your pseudo science of masks and stuff it …

  4. Pat Austin says:

    I don’t recall instituting a lockdown. Civility, please.

  5. Bill Heffner says:

    “And I am tired of watching friends suffer or die because people won’t wear a mask…”

    Yeah, blame works; not. Makes us feel better, but it makes other people hate us, and that is definitely counter productive. Creating hate might be okay if it did any good, but those maskless people didn’t kill your friends, and making enemies won’t bring them back. Life happens. People catch diseases and die.

    Worst of all, blaming sickens the person who casts the blame. It is a form of hate, and hatred doesn’t harm the person who is hated, it sickens the person who hates. Let it go. Live life on life’s terms, not yours.

  6. Pod Hamp says:

    I have never met anyone who thinks that Covid is a hoax, that is, that it doesn’t exist. I have met many people that think that the reaction to Covid is massively overdone, and that the strategy of the government and medical establishment is wrong-headed.

    I think that the “Covid is a hoax” is a red herring, to distract from the fact that much of what is being recommended is not working. California is so locked down that their economy is imploding, yet their cases and deaths are skyrocketing. Why? Well the lock-down folks reply that it is because people are not wearing their masks like they should. The only problem with saying that is that it is easy to say, but difficult to prove. Can you prove that, or is it an unsupported assertion? A shut down restaurant is shut down – that is easy to prove. And if you can’t go into the restaurant, then it doesn’t matter whether you have a mask on or not. But the California lock-downs aren’t helping to stop the cases. Why?

    In my state, we have had a mask mandate since last spring, and based on my experience in going to public places, compliance is close to 100 percent, yet people still get Covid and still die. Why? My only conclusion is that the actions being promoted by the government and medical establishment are not very effective. Maybe that balaclava or bandana or cute mask that your aunt sewed for you don’t really do any good and are only for show. Maybe none of it matters and if your time is up then you need to get right with Jesus. I don’t know. I just try to make sense of what I see and read.

    I read a lot of articles with graphs and analysis that seem to indicate to me that lock-downs and mask mandates don’t seem to affect infection rates very much. Yet the government and medical establishment seems to think that is the only way to defeat Covid (until vaccination). I also read articles that show medical research showing that certain treatments and supplements are effective, yet the government and medical establishment either don’t mention them or if they do, mention them only to disparage them. My conclusion is that the government and medical establishment are only interested in expensive solutions that they control, and not cheap, widely available solutions.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that while the Covid death rate is high, the death rate from Pneumonia and influenza has dropped to almost nothing. Why is that? In a “normal year” there is a steady death rate of older and sicker people dying from those diseases. But not this year. Why is that? Some people say that is because all the masks and lock downs are reducing the death rate from those diseases. So the same measures that don’t seem to be working for Covid are working for flu and pneumonia? My conclusion is that people that would otherwise die of those diseases are dying of Covid instead. And since the Federal government reimburses treatments of Covid at a higher rate than the other diseases, there is a monetary incentive to classify a death as Covid.

    Lastly, there seems to be a widespread feeling out there that if we can just wear our masks and stay 6 feet apart that we can somehow stop death in its tracks. That no one will die. In public health is is well known that in any given population (country, state, city, etc) there is a certain number of people that die in a time period and that number can be averaged an tracked. I have read articles that look at those metrics and conclude that the total death rate with Covid is not that much different than the total death rate without Covid. Why is that?

    I don’t mean to minimize the pain of losing someone to Covid, or the suffering that people who have it are experiencing. I, as you, have experienced it. I am tired of wearing a mask and all the rest of it, even though I do it. But getting mad at and blaming people who have valid concerns about it all will not help anything. The blame and shame people are not helping.