DaTechguy off DaRadio Podcast NOW Ranking Trump and the Theatre of the Absurd Swamp

Posted: January 22, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Just finished an appearance on Fault Lines radio and Suddenly had the urge to do a livestream because, why the hell not?

We’ll talk President’s Trump ranking in history )to this point) and the theatre of the Absurd Swamp Creatures

You can watch here:

Hope you enjoy it

  1. don’t sell yourself short… if only 5 hear you… they pass your brainwork on to 5 others each … they repeat to 5 each on and on…. plus maybe you should hit the COMBAT t.v. series…. and maybe PALADIN (Have Gun, Will Travel)

  2. Aelin says:

    Your last livestream “Kindergarten of Eden” meant so much to me. I listened to it several times. It gave me hope and courage in a very dark time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to this new livestream and hearing more words of wisdom. We need such calm, strong, wise men as you, people who know history and can gauge current events from a deeper wider perspective. I hope you will keep live-streaming when the mood strikes you. Even your voice is soothing to listen to, with such a gentle cadence. Thank you for your courage.