The Biden Administration Failures forces Nancy to Play Her Impeachment Card

Posted: January 25, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

One of the plays that Nancy Pelosi used when impeaching President Trump last year was holding the impeachment articles for a time when she thought she might get maximum advantage from them. Now word comes that later this morning Speaker Pelosi will be advancing them without much of a wait.

Given that in the first week we have seen job killing moves that have angered Democrat constitutions including unions and states strong in their column combined with the spectacle of National Guard Troops being treated so badly that there was a need to have Jill Bring two bags of cookies for a photo op (how they were supposed to be spread for thousands was not explained) the need to change the subject came a lot faster than anyone expected.

Now while I’ve already noted the Biden Administration having not needed the voters to gain power has no need to worry about offending these various democrat groups they are in power and is imunte to their complaints after all as Sarah Hoyt notes, what are those voters going to do vote him out?

Alas for the rest of the party this immunity doesn’t extend to all Democrat pols.

After all the ability to steal votes in Philly, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Detroit, Lansing, Pittsburgh and Madison doesn’t do a lot of good if you are a not in a Senate race in one of those states or in a house race outside of those districts where people might have an actual respect for a clean ballot.

So when in the first week of the Biden administration it became clear not only that Joe Biden was not up for governing (not that he’s doing so anyways) but that his administration was going to run roughshod over the voters, even voters that house and senate Democrats might need come election time, it became vital to change the subject.

So out comes the impeachment card which gives the left the one issue their are united on, absolute, irrational hatred of Donald Trump who unlike any other republican was not willing to have an election stolen from him without a fight, he might have lost that fight due to the fecklessness of State and Federal pols and judges but he still dared to make it.

So now Pelosi’s impeachment card is shot and now the Senate is discovering that while one or two deep state members who aren’t up for re-election for another six years would love to see it play, senators who saw how quickly the daughter of a vice president drew a primary challenge don’t want that repeated in their states.

So now the card is played, much earlier than they want and the resulting acquittal (assuming the trial of a private citizen by the senate passes constitutional muster) while making the left look weaker and Trump look stronger might just anger and distract their voters enough so they will be too buys complaining about Trump to notice when they open the next trap doors under them to appease their masters in China.

Closing Thought: Perhaps they should not have been so quick to deprive President Trump of a social media platform for the press to generate outrage from to distract the masses.

  1. Pod Hamp says:

    This whole impeachment trial is so much political theater for the benefit of the cameras. I’m not a constitutional lawyer, but even I can see that there is no legal basis to impeach a president who is no longer in office. Their hope that this can somehow prevent Trump from running again in 2024, is also highly dubious. That Chief Justice Roberts has declined to be involved should be a clue that the whole thing is a sham. But they will go ahead with it thinking that it somehow will damage Mr. Trump. It will work about as well as their first sham impeachment did.