LeFleur Made the Right Call Kicking that Field Goal

Posted: January 26, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

As I’ve noted I’m not a football fan, I’m a Tom Brady fan but yesterday I’ve been hearing the conventional wisdom concerning the end of the Packers vs Tampa Bay game and I find it interesting that they can’t see that LeFleur not only made the right call but made a call that gave his team the best chance to win.

Consider the situation:

4th quarter: We are down to just over two minutes to go Green Bay is down by 8. Let’s say you go for it on 4th down after failing for 3 downs. Here is what the possibilites are:

IF you fail to score:

THEN: Tom Brady gets the ball back with an 8 point lead and needs 2 1st downs to win the game.

IF you score the TD and fail to make the 2 point conversion:

THEN: Tom Brady gets the ball back with a 2 pt lead and needs 2 1st downs to win the game

IF you score the TD /AND Make the 2 point play

THEN: Tom Brady gets the ball back with 2 minutes left and 3 time outs needed a FG to win the game.

In all of these cases you need your defense to stop Tom Brady and the Best case scenario from any of these choices is:

A Tie game and overtime and we’ve all seen Brady in Overtime, Atlanta has seen it, Kansas City has seen it. If you’re Green Bay you don’t want to see it.

But NOW consider the alternatives with the FG and a five point game.

It’s true you still need to stop Brady from getting those two 1st downs and if you fail you lose (which you did thanks to that blatant hold) BUT what happens if you do manage to stop him and they have to punt?

Now because of those three point you didn’t have before you give Aaron Rogers a guaranteed chance to WIN with a TD rather than, if Rogers failed to score, a change to tie.

I submit and suggest that while your defense managed to hold Brady to 3 point vs 3 interceptions in his four previous possessions, the odds them doing it a 5th time in a row with a trip to the superbowl on the line was small at best so given those odds you might as well do it with a shot of winning in regulation rather than hoping that Brady doesn’t get the ball in overtime and beat you like he did Ryan and the Falcons or Mahomes and the Chiefs.

You can argue that LeFleur made the wrong call but I submit and suggest he made the only call that guaranteed him a chance to win that game in regulation.

Now it wasn’t a great chance but no matter what decision he made any chance he had to win was dependent on his defense stopping the greatest and most clutch quarterback in the history of the game from completing a drive either for a FG or for two 1st downs.

That would have been my call, but then again I would have gone for one earlier instead of two and then that field goal would have put them within 3 and been even more defensible.

Bottom line if you have to stop Brady anyways it might as well be with a CHANCE TO WIN.

Of course given the effect of the new woke NFL I’m not sure anyone cares, after all if Budweiser thinks the Superbowl is a bad risk even with Brady vs Mahomes who outside of Tampa will bother to watch.

I’ll be back to work by gametime so I won’t be watching or listening anyways.

  1. Deserttrek says:

    The nfl is a cancer and should be burned to the ground.
    How any decent human being supports them and the taxpayer subsidies is beyond me.
    Pay for the stadiums and security yourself
    Support or follow the nfl is a sign of a pos