Final Woke/Broke @nfl #Superbowl thoughts & The The Biden Administration Effort to increase viewership for next years game

Posted: February 7, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Today is Superbowl sunday and the day if full of irony

Under normal circumstance the NFL would be as proud & as happy as it could be. Not only has it alone among US major sports played a full season intact & largely on time during the COVID crisis, which is a solid accomplishment, but it is ending the season with the best possible matchup you can think of in terms of a draw featuring not only a great narrative but the greatest player of all time vs the best current QB in the league. Brady vs Mahomes, the Past vs the Future, the ageless wonder vs the young stud. The slow steady methodical tortoise vs the speedy, explosive and irrepressible hare. It’s the best matchup at QB since Montana vs Marino in Superbowl 19.

Instead it finds itself despite so many stuck at home with ratings down for the season, advertisers fleeing their signature event over the prospect of being associated with either side of the culture war (Cripes even Budweiser gave it a miss) , lower ad rates for the ones who stayed and the prospect of the salary cap for the teams dropping for next year.

Given the size of the NFL getting woke isn’t going to make them broke but has managed to stop it’s growth and will cost the league and it’s player much in terms of revenue for a long time to come.

As for the game itself the only reason I’m interested because I’m a big Tom Brady fan and have been for years. I suspect a lot of others who would normally skip the new woke NFL’s showcase game will watch because to them Brady is a surrogate for Donald Trump and in the new police state it’s the only safe way to cheer him with fear.

I must confess that while I would like #TomBrady to win the superbowl today given the two teams and the matchup this is as close to a “pickem” game as you get. I would not be shocked if either team won nor would I be surprised if these same two teams & QB’s meet for a rematch next year. Tis could become the NFL’s Bird vs Magic for the next three years.

I’m working so I can’t watch the game but if you’re in this position as well never fear. Given the Biden administration’s success in killing US jobs in just a few weeks I’ll not be surprised after a year of the Biden Administration’s war on the American worker I suddenly find myself free next year to watch the rematch along with millions of other Americans who will be no longer burdened with the responsibility of a job.

Unexpectedly of course

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