Reality Doesn’t Care Under the Fedora

Posted: February 9, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Today three weeks after his final day in office the Senate takes up a 2nd impeachment of Donald Trump despite questionable constitutional grounds.

The media continues to beat its collective breasts about Trump but the political theatre that is taking place doesn’t change the reality.

Donald Trump wasn’t impeached for a speech, he was impeached for the unpardonable crime of having had gotten so many votes that the left had to steal an election openly and refusing to simply take it without complaint.

That’s the reality of this impeachment and no amount of spin will change it.

Mike Lindell put out a documentary called Absolute Proof last week laying out a public case that Election 2020 was stolen. Youtube promptly had the video pulled as did at least one other video hosting service. Last week Twitter Banned him and his pillow company.

If this was just nonsense, these powerful people would easily counter it point at it and laugh at it instead on banning it left and right and let people make up their own minds.

I trust you to do that.

Reality isn’t dependent on Youtube or Twitter.

Speaking of Banning, Gateway Pundit found it self permanently banned from Twitter after producing video of tens of thosands of ballots being delivered to the TCF center with promises of more video on the way.

You can see that video here and here

As I’ve already said no amount of banning affects actual reality and in the end all they will do is chase their customer base away.

A lot of experts are blaming the Kansas City Offensive Line for their defeat by Tom Brady and the Bucks on Sunday. It should be noted that a lot of these same experts didn’t think those backup linemen were going to be enough to stop Patrick Mahomes who they were already calling the next GOAT and that having seen some parts of the game on youtube later that it’s likely that nobody but Mahomes could have stayed away from the rush long enough to have a shot at all.

Meanwhile leftists are saying it’s racist for Brady to beat Mahomes during black history month.

Reality however doesn’t care about what those analysits say or what those woke idiots say, it only cares about the final score Tampa Bay 31 KC 9

Just a reminder, talk is cheap, action is what counts.

The family of Mychael Johnson is “demanding answers” after he was killed in a shooting which followed a stolen car spree and an attempt to take an officer’s gun during an attempt to arrest him as he tried to carjack another vehicle after crashing his 1st one. The answer comes in this story:

Court records show Johnson has been arrested numerous times since 2007 on multiple drug related offenses involving marijuana and cocaine. In addition to facing charges for possession of a firearm by a felon and robbery, Johnson also twice was arrested for fleeing or attempting to elude officers.

Reality doesn’t care if Mr. Johnson’s family wants to pretend that he was just someone who “wasn’t perfect” the reality is that if you live the life of a criminal thug you tend to die like a criminal thug

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