Very Quick Thoughts Under the Fedora

Posted: March 9, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Apparently people are trolling the left with terms like. “Superstraight” defined as a hetrosexual person who is attracted to the opposite sex.

During my youth the term for this was “normal”

I think this is a very pythonesque way to fight back against these fool and obviously anyone who object is a racist sexist etc who should be banned from everywhere.

Can anyone tell me who actually decides who gets to be one of our “elites”?

Given the resources available I can’t see why we just can’t come up with our own.

Do actual people who are struggling to get by actually care about fabalously rich former royals who claim to be oppressed and suffering?

I work with a bunch of people working for minimum wage in a country they are not from who don’t speak the language yet I don’t hear them whine they way these folks do, although in fairness given my inability to speak Spanish, Portuguese Creole, Cambodian or several African languages if they were whining I would not likely not know it.

Speaking of these folks with gas going up .75 over the last two months Joe Biden has done more for Russia in his first 60 days then any other US president.

There is a lot of loose talk about civil wars but while a lot of people think it will happen I’m thinking that the well armed people on the right aren’t going to start taking up arms and shooting until

  1. Antifa violence spreads to Red areas (blue cities in Red states don’t count)
  2. they are made uncomfortable

When people are well fed, well entertained and generally not in physical danger they are not likely to be running for the guns, particularly when death is not a regular part of life anymore.

However there is one factor that makes it more likely, the complete unfamiliarity of most of the American people with what an actual war entail but that deserves a much longer post..

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