Why the Democrat Left in General and Elizabeth Warren in Particular hate Pregnancy Centers in five words: No opportunity for Government Graft

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It’s been really something watching Elizabeth Warren go wild about pregnancy centers in the post Roe world because I’m so familiar with such centers and the work they do.

Such as Mira Vida, at Belmont Abbey College which allows pregnant college age women to transfer to Belmont Abbey college and get 10 classes hours for free while Mira Vida provides help both before and after the birth of their child.

Or Visitation House that gives residency, food, shelter and help on parenting and more including counseling and life classes to pregnant woman before and after they deliver.

Or problem pregnancy that provides financial, spiritual, social and physical needs of pregnant women so they can keep their children without fear.

As you can see the attacks on the center have been taking place long before the Dobbs decision.

and of course the video from this week about First Concern pregnancy centers that again focus on removing the problems that can prevent a woman from having their child rather than seeing the baby as the problem

All of these centers have some things in common

  • All of them attack the problems that women might face with pregnancy rather than the child being the problem
  • All of them serve a lot of women in financial need particularly the poorest
  • None of them restrict their support based on the religion or lack thereof of the mother
  • They get little or no attention from the media for the work they do

But there are two points that are really central to the hatred of these centers by the Democrat left in general and Senator Warren in particular

  1. All of these centers operate through private donations vs taxpayer funds meaning that the money is going to support women and their needs rather than financing Democrat activists and allies.
  2. Since there are no federal millions going to these centers there is no money to be kicked back to the Democrat party or their superpacs, or the campaigns of individual democrats running at the local, state or federal level.

Put simply there is no graft in it for the left and thus they are of no use to Democrats.

This is also why the media has had little or no interest in covering, promoting or extolling the good works that these groups and hundreds like them all across the nation are doing because every donated dollar to these organizations that saves a child’s life eats into Planned Parenthood’s bottom line which mean it eats into the campaign funds and support of thousands of Democrat activists and candidates.

It’s one thing to help women & children but if it shows Christianity in a good light and doesn’t help the Democrat Party it’s just not newsworthy.

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