Why This Week’s Results Are a Shock in Two Stories

Posted: November 10, 2022 by datechguy in Uncategorized

I’m still very sick but I’d like you to understand why the left managing to avoid disaster in states like Minnesota and Oregon is such a shock. This story from last week supposedly non political explains it:

An endless cycle of grief: Surge in shootings taking toll on ER staff in Minneapolis

Here is a bit of from the piece

Earlier this year, HCMC revamped its support system for medical teams dealing with the lingering impact of the pandemic and the continuing surge of gun violence in the Twin Cities.

A team of counselors is always at the ready to respond within minutes to a doctor, nurse, or another medical professional on the verge of a crisis brought on by the unrelenting pace inside the ER.

“It’s not so much each singular incident,” Radin said. “It’s the accumulation of these events over and over and over.”

During an extended conversation with 5 INVESTIGATES, a team of ER doctors at HCMC recently described the personal and professional toll that the surge of shootings is having on them – a surge being driven by automatic gunfire.

Dr. Jim Miner, Chief of Emergency Medicine, said the hardest cases are the ones involving kids.

“It’s hard on everybody. It’s emotionally draining, and everybody’s tired right now. We’ve all seen things that you shouldn’t have to see,” he said.

All of this comes from the elevation of a local police issue to an international movement for the sake of giving the left power.

This is the harvest of what was planted. The really sad thing is while the Democrats have reaped defeat from this, these folks are going to be reaping much worse consequences for a very long time.

Oh and here’s a 2nd story that I saw Sunday that continues the point:

Portland residents wonder: “Where are the police?”

“They have questions like, ‘Where are the police? How come they can’t come?’” Guzman said. “We used to see them all the time.”

The lack of self awareness here is astounding. When you put people in charge who don’t care about enforcing the law, you have no business being shocked when laws aren’t enforced.

These stories would have been a great explanation for a big red wave but instead they are the perfect illustration of people getting the government they deserve.

For someone who grew up in America’s golden age it’s really painful to see but until the people get tired of this stuff it shall continue.

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