We have officially become the Peoples Republic of Marxachusetts

Posted: November 10, 2022 by Jon Fournier in Uncategorized
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On Tuesday the voters of Massachusetts completely jumped the socialist shark.  This state has long been a bastion of liberalism, however, there seemed to be a sufficient percentage of sane voters here to prevent this state from descending to the level of California.  The voters of this state did manage to elect the RINO Charlie Baker governor instead of a true Democrat.

Despite almost total Democrat rule, the economy of Massachusetts did function reasonably well.  Of course, if true Republicans were in charge, our economy would be much better.

With the victory of Maura Healey over Geoff Diehl in the Governor’s race, the economy of Massachusetts will soon collapse.  Governor Healey will quickly implement every single economy crushing progressive policy by executive fiat or passed by radical Democrat legislators.  She is determined to enact the Green New Deal here in this state.  Gas prices will skyrocket far beyond the level inflicted on us by Joe Biden.  Electricity and natural gas prices will soar well past the level where those on fixed income and small business owners can afford.

Maura Healey firmly embraced all of the liberty crushing COVID restrictions and mandates.  The moment case numbers spike ever so slightly I believe Healey will bring back lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccine mandates.  This will cause the economy of this state to grind to a halt.

The worst kinds of progressive indoctrination will become even more commonplace   School children here won’t have a chance.  There will be a surge in young kids believing they are transgender.  I believe there will be no restrictions left in place on puberty blockers or genital mutilation surgeries on children.

The voters of Massachusetts completely jumped the Marxist shark when they passed a constitutional amendment that will impose a tax on millionaires.  This wealth distribution scheme will cause a mass exodus of business owners.

Also passed on Tuesday is a initiative that will grant drivers licenses to illegal aliens.  Coupled to this state’s incredibly lax voter registration laws, illegal aliens will soon be voting in elections, ensuring that Democrats will remain in power indefinitely.

How soon before Massachusetts becomes a third world toilet like California?  Real soon.

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  2. randall oldman says:

    ok, i can see objections to mask mandates, higher gas prices, etc,. but i don;t get the objection to there being a possible surge in transgender identity expression. saying that living in a state where more children express themselves as transgender is like living in a “toilet” comes across as intolerant at best, and bigoted at worst. its a free country- imo, folks can express their individaulity however they want as long as it doesnt infringe on the rights of others. so i have a few questions if youd be so kind as to reply:

    question 1: why should a libertarian care if fellow citizens are transgender or not?

    question 2: if you are against genital mutialtion of children, in your opinion should jews be precluded from their religious practice of nonconsensual mutilation of male genitalia in the form of circumcision?