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Posted: December 27, 2008 by datechguy in local stuff

This post is of a slightly personal nature so if you don’t know me personally it will mean very little to you.

Due to circumstances described in this post the Christmas Open House Scheduled for Jan 3rd (9th day of Christmas) at my place has one minor change.

I now have a small supply of booze that I didn’t expect, this includes:

1 Jug Lambrusco (Italian wine) there is no chance that I will finish it in a week
1 Case of Budweiser
1 Case of bud light
1 bottle of Chivas Regal (over the normal supply)
1 bottle Grand Mariner Liqueur

This means that the BYOB part of the invitation to the open house will not apply to you if you drink any of the stuff above assuming that it isn’t polished off by the time you get here. (Odds are very slim most of my friends aren’t drinkers).

If you wish to drink something not on that list than the BYOB stuff does apply.

Remember that the open house starts at 2 p.m. Come at any time, leave at any time, it will continue till the last person goes, current record is 1:45 a.m. the next day. Feel free to bring food if you want but it will be provided.

If you are a friend of mind and for some reason didn’t get the invite that is likely due to my error so consider yourself invited. If you are a former co-worker who wants to come but doesn’t have my address e-mail me personally. If you don’t have my personal e-mail leave your e-mail in comments or ping me in AIM. I still have the same AIM address as before.

If you are a total stranger who reads the blog and somehow figure out where I live and show up, use the word “DaTechguy blog” when you come to the door and you will be allowed entrance after all it is an open house. Remember that you will be in a house full of Sicilians so if you are not known by anyone you will likely be well scrutinized.

Basic house rules:

No one has ever gotten drunk at a party of mine, if you somehow manage and try to drive I will use my Sicilian wiles to steal your keys if you don’t surrender them voluntarily. If that fails I’ll take your distributor cap, you will NOT leave my house driving drunk

Unless you are required by law to carry one at all times you should not have a weapon in my house.

If you use drugs don’t bring them into my house, if you bring drugs into my house I’ll call the cops on you personally. And I don’t care about the new grass laws in Massachusetts, they don’t apply in my house.

Three members of my family have Asthma so there is no smoking in my house.

If you are a friend of either of my sons who has been invited by them don’t even THINK of trying to drink in my house. If I catch you trying to sneak booze in my house you will be removed, your parents called and you will not return. Ever!

And that also applies if you violate any of the other above rules.

Any questions just ask.

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