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Just saw Wolverine..

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…it was rather awesome.

My post earlier this week about the worm turning managed to get more hits than anything I put up since the Boston teaparty photos or my instalance.

I’d like to think its because the conservative troops not only can be rallied but WANT to be rallied. They know that in the end reality trumps a facade, they are spoiling for a fight and just need to be pointed in the direction to do so. Well apparently the Sundries Shack via the green room sees the same potential that Rush and I do:

The thing is, the left hears the distant rumble of America’s real muscle and they are worried. You can see it, if you brave the shrill bloviations and glib japes and get close enough to look in their eyes. They feel the real change coming and they know. That’s why they’ve gotten louder and more shrill and are taking shots at anything that moves. The gnawing feeling in their guts is telling them, more and more, that they don’t have the stranglehold on us they think they do.

And part of fighting back, of being Conan instead of Captain America? Calling them on things:

Hold Obama and his Administration in toto to standards we’d expect and demand from friends, neighbors, businesses we deal with, or our own children, ourselves. You get the picture.

If Obama says there will be transparency in governance and government…OK, Mr, President…where is that transparency?

If Obama and Pelosi and Reid claim their’s is or will be the most ethical ever…hold their feet to the fire. Not one step backward. Push back. Make it clear to the American people where the threats are and who is aiding and enabling those threats to grow. I am not willing to bet my life, nor that of my children, nor my grandchildren, on the misteps and platitudes of this Administration. Are you?

Not one step backward!

Calling them out is easy. When a “feminist” or a liberal attacks a woman because of her appearance call her out. Remember there were feminists during the last election that knew candidate Obama for was he was is. And others discovering his promises are smoke. An honest feminist or liberal will call out a misogynist no matter their politics or sex.

When the president says he wants a dialog take him up on the offer. And when he ignores it ask: why? Remember how many months has it been since Rush offered him time on his show to debate the issues with him and the White house still has its tail between its legs? Note the dismissive comments at the Tea Party Site by the brave acolytes of this White House. They know their leader’s strength is image not reality so his followers make excuses and insults. This is called fear.

Remember these guys over reach. Don’t forget the feared John Stewart was given a spanking by Bill Whittle and he apologizes publicly.

The worm continues to turn. We just have to keep fighting.

Update: The other McCain get it on the Misogyny bit:

Please remind me of this video, next time a feminist calls me a misogynist.

And he fights!