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For those who are salivating at the chance to use the Murder of George Tiller to attack Christians or defend the killer, let me quote the relevant passage from the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

II. Good Acts and Evil Acts

1755 A morally good act requires the goodness of the object, of the end, and of the circumstances together. An evil end corrupts the action, even if the object is good in itself (such as praying and fasting “in order to be seen by men”).
The object of the choice can by itself vitiate an act in its entirety. There are some concrete acts – such as fornication – that it is always wrong to choose, because choosing them entails a disorder of the will, that is, a moral evil.

1756 It is therefore an error to judge the morality of human acts by considering only the intention that inspires them or the circumstances (environment, social pressure, duress or emergency, etc.) which supply their context. There are acts which, in and of themselves, independently of circumstances and intentions, are always gravely illicit by reason of their object; such as blasphemy and perjury, murder and adultery. One may not do evil so that good may result from it. (emphasis mine)

As the passage above shows, the church never defends such an act (sorry lefties), nor can a believing Catholic attempt to defend it. The other McCain is exactly right on this. It is true that abortion is akin to murder but it is even more true that murder is akin to murder. Justifying it is no different than Groucho’s telling Mrs. Claypool that he was with another woman because she reminded him of her.

It reminds one of the fetus isn’t human nonsense, lets avoid such stuff altogether. It’s simply doubletalk without the greasepaint mustache.

…to blog about it till now but Jim Blazsik writes the definite word on the subject:

But in the end, whatever Mancow’s intent or conclusion – he actually proved that waterboarding ISN’T torture. Why? Think about it. Would Mancow submit himself to this procedure if there was any chance that his body would be permanently damaged? What if he knew that after the experience he would only have one eye, 8 fingers, his back beaten by bamboo, his toes smashed by a hammer, select parts of his body electrocuted, or punched repeatedly until his nose was fixed on a different part of his face?

Would Marine Sgt. Klay South waterboard Mancow if he knew he was going to hurt the guy? When the CIA used waterboarding (with only three terrorists), a doctor was always required to be present. If it is torture, where was the doctor?

Why wasn’t he arrested for “torturing” him?

We know the answer to all the questions above.

Yes we do don’t we.

Two murders aren’t better than one

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So my message to the idiot who thought that shooting down late term abortionist George Tiller was a good thing….


This is simply another evil act that deserves the full punishment of law. This is not a “yes but” situation and any person who like myself considers abortion murder needs to publicly state this without any equivocation.

In moral terms it is just as mortal a sin and carries the same punishment as the abortions performed.

Update: The other McCain is all over this.

I absolutely love Che…

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the dog.

The Goode family is absolutely hilarious, much better than An American Carol. Even funnier has been some of the reviews particularly since places like NPR don’t get the joke. Rusty Shackelford elaborates in comments at NPR:

After watching the first episode – at least when I wasn’t too busy laughing out loud – I now find out I was wrong. It wasn’t funny after all. Who knew? I sure am glad there’s someone out there who cares enough to help me get my mind right, or perhaps more appropriately, left.

At least the review is unintentionally amusing in that its tone serves to reinforce the “greenie” stereotype as simultaneously self-deprecating and unable to embrace the humor inherent to their follies. What delicious irony! But I guess I should expect nothing less from one who can’t see the rainforest through the trees. Keep up the Goode work!

My favorite is Che, mainly because he is a (mostly) normal dog, or as you would put it in psychological terms; a repressed carnivore.

This one is going to be family viewing every Wednesday night.