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With Mary Ann Glendon out of the picture I think the choice of a substitute speaker is a bad choice, if you are going to go with the president, you should have someone who complements him. Cassy Fiano has found the lady:

Of course, leave it to a rabid pro-abortionist like Jessica Ferrar to see otherwise. She’s a Texas state representative, recently honored by Planned Parenthood and the proud owner of a 100% NARAL approval rating.

Hey that’s Obama too it’s a match:

She’s currently trying to force through a bill that would make Catholic hospitals be required to dispense the morning-after pill.

Sounds like the freedom of choice act, right in his wheelhouse:

Her latest bright idea? To decriminalize infanticide. Introducing Texas HB 3318, the first of its kind in the entire country, known as “the infanticide bill”. It defines infanticide as:

A person commits an offense if the person wilfully by an act or omission causes the death of a child to whom the person gave birth within the 12-month period preceding the child’s death

The bill says that infanticide should not be prosecuted as murder, though, as long as:

… at the time of the act or omission, the person’s judgment was impaired as a result of the effects of giving birth or the effects of lactation following the birth.

Infanticide would become a felony, punishable by no more than two years in prison, with a minimum of 180 days, and/or a fine of no more than $10,000.

That sounds odd but consider that in Texas…

This bill was passed by the Texas State Criminal Jurisprudence Committee 7 to 1 on April 28th

7-1 hey that’s where the votes are so Fr Jenkins can use her to have a conversation. And she’s Catholic!

Via gateway pundit.

28k will get you almost 13

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At least it does in Australia according to The Australian:

BRISBANE environmental lawyer Jo Bragg and her partner, Gary Kane, spent $28,000 on three roof panels to generate solar power for their home in the inner Brisbane suburb of Highgate Hill.

After receiving a federal government rebate of $8000, they hoped to recover their investment in a cleaner planet within a few years by selling excess power into the mains electricity grid.

In the three months to April, they used 1384 kilowatt hours and produced 388 kilowatt hours of excess power, for which they received the princely sum of $12.96 after taxes.

Via Tim Blair who has this measured reaction:


Subtly is all.

Update: You might say, but Techguy Blair is wrong it wouldn’t take 385 years to get the money back. After all lets say they were paying $150 a month for their electric bill. That means instead of $13 a quarter it would be $463 a quarter, so they will be showing a profit in just over 11 years.

Of course you should also add the interest they might have made on 28k over 10 years too. In a Cd getting just under 4% they would have made $1000 a year and the amount would have increased by compound interest. That turns things into 25-26 years.

Morning Joe: Heeere’s Mika

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Mika’s back is funtime over?

6:02 a.m. She Really Likes Sarah but it’s MSNBC so she is being diplomatic

6:04 a.m. This is Understandable? Would that say that about Rush?

6:06 a.m. Sox Yankess, Barnicle and Mika win that one.

6:11 a.m. The Ad frankly doesn’t say anything, no reason to vote D or not vote R? Silly

6:12 a.m. Rush and Sarah. She doesn’t have to re-brand. It’s all the media stuff.

6:14 a.m. “The arc of the young female anchor?” That explains a lot. I think Mika really wants to say something but has the discipline to not give away the game.

6:19 a.m. Well that is right seeing how well the government is handling bailouts I’m sure they’ll do great running another chunk of the economy.

6:40 a.m. Barnicle nails it but without Joe this conversation is much too one sided

6:43 a.m. Capheart talks about elites? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. This guy is so full of it.

6:45 a.m. “She’s not smart enough…” Oh he doesn’t think republicans should be conservatives.

7:01 a.m. That is simply awesome, hire him to make shirts for the show.

7:13 a.m. Hey Joe made it in!

7:16 a.m. Joe is not going to be able to keep a straight face after seeing that.

7:22 a.m. I don’t think that’s what Luntz said. A slightly twisted question for Cantor. And Joe is right they have to explain why this stuff is wrong.

7:52 a.m Of course there is an alternative, leave what we have.

8:02 a.m. Joe apparently reads the NYT but doesn’t read Elder of Ziyon, but Perez does.

8:05 a.m. Perez correctly says that the whole world is better with Iraq stopped permanently.

8:07 a.m. Barnicle can’t believe what he is hearing, Perez is on fire today.

8:27 a.m. Earpiece fixed just in time to go.

8:33 a.m. To pay back the Tarp money you have to prove you don’t need it?