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How can you tell that the president is no longer named Bush?

Because this headline and story can run in the dying Boston Globe:

Accidental deaths plaguing US in Iraq

The 130,000 American troops serving in Iraq are more likely to die in accidents, from natural causes, or in other “nonhostile” incidents than at the hands of insurgents, according to Defense Department statistics for the past eight months ending in April.

Funny I don’t remember the Globe ever noticing a difference between combat and non combat deaths before or mentioning Accidental anything. It was all about the Evil BushCheneyHitlerNeoConRepublican destroying young American boys and girls and pillaging and ravings Iraq.

The Globe better get it out of their system while they can, they have so little time

The best chance we have

Posted: May 3, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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When I take a look at the future I am very scared for my children and grandchildren.

No it isn’t president Obama’s economic stuff or the gay marriage stuff etc…This stuff can be opposed or even repealed.

It is the fight with radical Islam that worries me. I’m afraid that my sons will have to choose between the submission to Islam (unthinkable), dhimmitude in Islam (horrible),or the destruction of Islam (soul destroying). The best chance to avoid this future is the reform of Islam and that can only be done from within. So stories like this give me hope:

‘I will give £5 to anyone in Britain who wants to live under Sharia law,’ he declares. ‘It will help pay for their ticket to Sudan, Yemen, Pakistan, or wherever it is customary to live under Sharia law.

‘Please, please go and leave us alone. This is Britain, not 10th century Arabia!’

We are indeed sitting in a bar, on a busy main road in Oxford.

But the man before me is no stereotypical Islamophobe.

For one, he is sipping a glass of water rather than something more inflammatory.

More importantly, though by no means obviously, Dr Taj Hargey is himself an Islamic cleric; perhaps the most controversial imam in Britain today.

And is theology basis? faith and reason

For many Muslims, the hadiths are a fundamental guide and part of their faith. For Hargey, they are often unreliable and an obstacle to the integration of Islam into contemporary society. He believes the Koran is all.

‘This is a big fight for the hearts and minds of Islam. There is nothing in the Koran which is incompatible with (living in) British society, unlike what I call “Mullah Islam” and their reliance on hadiths.’

And so he explains his position: ‘These people say they have a right to stone adulterous women. We say show us where it says that in the Koran.

‘The Koran must have precedence. It must be sovereign. Everything else is supplementary or subservient. All that stuff about jihad, women’s rights, apostasy, all these issues come from the hadiths.

‘We do not say get rid of the hadiths. But we do say that every hadith must pass two litmus tests.

First, it must not conflict with the Koran. Second, it must not conflict with reason or logic.

It is people like this that can save us from a horrible future. These are the guys we need to support.