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Donald Trump surprises me

Posted: May 12, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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By the look of things on MSNBC it looks like he blindsided the Miss California pageant people who were expecting something different. Looking at this article from yesterday they were practically salivating at what was to come. Look at yesterday’s press conference:

Does this look like a group of people preparing to lose?

Trump however pointed out that her position was the same as the president as did Miss California after him. The scolding of the media was classic.

It’s nice to know that I can be pleasantly surprised.

Rush points out that they have asked Miss California tougher questions on the issues than they have the president.

Update: The other McCain has pictures and likely a lot more hits than me:

Attaboy, Donald! Imagine that: A guy who thinks a beauty contest ought to be about. . . beauty.

Update 2: Added yesterday’s press conference and commentary will add today’s when I can find it.

Update 3: Can I Vomit right now? HAH! Rush is running with this big.

Update 4: The CNN video didn’t take so here is the link to Hotair that has it.

Update 5: Doug Powers:

I love how Trump used the “progressive” argument to justify his decision to those who claim to be progressives.

It’s actually more than that, the supporters of Gay Marriage have created the perfect spokesperson. It will be a decision they will regret for years.

Update 6: James notices that this controversy has brought at least two people together:

Note: Mom and Dad sat side by side at today’s press conference

Remember they had a very nasty divorce.

Meanwhile Across the Pond has a different view:

Should we be surprised that she doesn’t know what free speech means? That it doesn’t mean that you can say whatever you want wherever you want with no consequences?

Apparently not. She didn’t realize that when she gave an answer that the majority of people in her state, in her country and in the world would agree with, an answer that a mere 10 years ago would be considered the most normal thing in the world, she would be would be vilified attacked and derided by media elites.

But her opponents also didn’t realize that their speech would make her world famous and turn the winner of the Miss USA pageant into the 1919 Cincinnati Reds.

The port stands at your elbow; types something he thought he never would:

Well done, Donald Trump!

The Christian conservative agrees:

I’m not particularly a fan of Donald Trump, but he really shined in his decision to allow Carrie Prejean to retain her crown as Miss California.

It will be interesting to see where she is in a year.

Update 7: Perhaps the people who were so busy worrying about stopping Miss California might worry about the systematic slaughter of gays in Iraq instead? I’d say that was a bigger issue. I wonder if MSNBC and the CBS early show will give that issue the same attention they have given this one? Added R.S. McCain’s quote as well. And is anyone going to ask Mika’s question?

Update 8: Here are the Youtube videos:

and gateway pundit is unimpressed with the Huffpost folks but the most interesting comment is from Big Hollywood about why the president gets a pass:

“Obama. Gay marriage?”

“Robert, don’t be so naive. We all know Obama’s lying through his teeth.”

“About gay marriage?”

“That and being,” he claws quote marks in the air, “a good Christian. Listen, Obama’s a Christian like I’m a Hasid.”

I am floored.

“You’re saying that Democrats assume Obama is lying for political expediency?”

“To get elected, sure. Hey, welcome to the real world.”

I take a deep breath.

“So Cary Prejean is a big fat target—”

“Not fat, my friend, did you see that slamming body?”

“Okay, so she’s a slamming beautiful target because she’s a genuine Christian and sincerely opposes gay marriage whereas Obama gets a pass because, you assume, he’s a liar and an opportunist.”

“You got it.”

“This is okay with you?”

“He got elected didn’t he,

Pretty sad isn’t it?

Update 9: Welcome readers of the Other McCain. I would have greeted you earlier but this is Tuesday which means game night with my old pals from College and high School. Take a peek around. See Dick Cheney’s daughter kick ass outnumbered 3-1 on MSNBC. See both Israeli’s and Arabs upset with the pope. Learn what two generations can do to a republic, get reviews of Doctor Who audios. Get a sample of an entertaining book for conservatives and see how my wife is smarter than Nancy Pelosi.

Final update: The Anchoress gets the last word

I love Liz Cheney!

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Her appearance on morning Joe was incredible. She successfully took on Eugene Robinson, Mike Barnicle and Andrew Sorkin and ran rings around them and her argument was so strong that Andrea Mitchell who followed her was hesitant to attack even with her gone.

If we need a face and a voice for the GOP you just saw it.

Update: I guess her argument is was good enough for Ford but she would have taken exception to the word torture, and is the worm turning?

Update 2: Rush is running with this today

…against the barbarians lined up against them, but you know as a Catholic the idea that the Pope owes the state of Israel an apology for the Holocaust is not only nonsense but in my opinion requires an apology for the attempt to hang Hitler’s final solution around the neck of my church in general and this Pope in particular.

The democratic state of Israel is waging a just struggle against lying barbarians who would slaughter them all and then cheer. They deserve support and as a civilized man I am obliged to give it. The Jewish race and religion are the older brothers of my Catholic faith. They are no less God’s people then they were when God spoke to Abram. They deserve respect. These are facts and one insult is not going to change it, but I’m feeling very Josey Walesish today.

Here is the speech in question:

BTW I want to again give Israellycool big props. I suspect we don’t agree on this issue but he posted the speech in full and linked to the reactions so people could make up their own mind. He has been very fair and to continue the metaphor from above, brothers disagree and get angry on occasion, but that doesn’t mean we don’t stick together.

Warning: Rabbi Joke ahead

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Q: What is the best way to find Lester when he is missing?

A: Ask Robert Frost, he’s always going on about the road Les traveled by.

Q: What does this have to do with a Rabbi?

A: Edwardo Michelangelo Vitagiliano is a 61 year old native of Fitchburg. He went to Fitchburg High School graduating with the same class as Mike Barnicle. He went to Vietnam and still never talks of it. That is where he picked up the nickname “The Rabbi”. From that day on, only his late Mother and his wife of almost 40 years call him by his actual name. He moved to Florida about 6 years ago and currently lives there.

He known for his knowledge of sports, he love of warm weather, and his absolutely horrible jokes. He will tell a joke that is horrendous and then pump is fist saying either “I’ve got a million of them.” (He Does) or “I’ve still got it.” (Unfortunately he does). The people who know and love him after decades of these jokes refer to any joke that is sufficiently bad as a “Rabbi” joke, that is a joke that would be told by the Ed “the Rabbi” Vitagiliano.

So when you see the “Rabbi Joke” label beware the joke that follows is likely very bad.

Update: Actually his wife is 61. He is older but I don’t know his exact age.