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You might recall something I wrote a post about a month ago called Is the worm Turning where I listed a series of items that indicated that things might be changing. In a follow up post I gave this advice:

When the president says he wants a dialog take him up on the offer. And when he ignores it ask: why? Remember how many months has it been since Rush offered him time on his show to debate the issues with him and the White house still has its tail between its legs? Note the dismissive comments at the Tea Party Site by the brave acolytes of this White House. They know their leader’s strength is image not reality so his followers make excuses and insults. This is called fear.

Remember these guys over reach. Don’t forget the feared John Stewart was given a spanking by Bill Whittle and he apologizes publicly.

The worm continues to turn. We just have to keep fighting.

The results of fighting back continue to come:

Item: Dick Cheney proves that more Conan and less Captain America causes fear in Democrats that leads to bad decisions:

White House officials deny that they felt any pressure from Cheney’s prior attacks to give a speech like the one he delivered on Thursday, but they did concede that Obama’s stance has been distorted in the debate over terrorism.

Congressional Democrats, however, tell a different story. Aides to top Senate and House Democrats say congressional leaders dragged the White House into delivering a speech Obama was reluctant to give, pleading directly with White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. They warned of the revolt that finally materialized Wednesday when a solid Democratic majority in the Senate was stampeded into a landslide 90-6 vote against the president on funding the closure of Gitmo.

This was supposed to be a mismatch, It was.

Item: The neverending saga of Nancy Pelosi. The republicans have the Democrats on their heels on this issue. It’s so bad even the Boston Globe editorial page can’t defend her.

Item: California, land of liberalism rejects tax increases emphatically and one newspaper is so stung by the the reception of their voter bashing editorial that they back off claiming error as the most popular comment on the page says:

Hi … we’re the SacBee Editorial Board and we’re going to tell you how to vote. When you decide to ignore us and vote against what we’ve told you to do we’re going to lecture you and tell you how stupid you all are. Then, when you have the unmitigated gaul to defend your actions and hold us accountable, we’re going to change our message and hope that you don’t notice. See … now we’re not agreeing with you, you’re agreeing with us. We’re the SacBee Editorial Board and we suck.

Good thing that MSM is on the liberal side isn’t it?

Item: Not only do new polls show pro-life gaining a majority among Americans, but In New Hampshire “Gay Marriage” lost a vote the left thought was a fait accompli. I guess social conservatism can win in New England after all.The media obsession with Carrie Prejean naked tits really galvanizes support for “Gay Marriage” doesn’t it?

Item: Even when we don’t fight the White house is capable of self inflicted wounds as the Kindergarten fiasco manages to not only makes them look heartless but they blow the chance for an incredible photo opt of kindergarten students and the Pittsburgh Steelers making care packages for the troops together.

These people are vulnerable as hell. We need to keep up the pressure. More Conan, less Captain America.

Update: In case you’ve forgotten things have looked much worse before:

In 1977, as in 2009, the future seemed dark for the country’s conservatives, shut out of all of the conduits to power, with nary a bright spot in sight. “The result of the 1976 election was Democrats in power as far as the eye could see,” wrote Michael Barone in Our Country (1992). “It was almost universally expected that the Democrats would hold on to the executive branch for eight years; it was considered unthinkable that they could lose either house of Congress.” “Once again, the death knell of the Republican Party was being sounded,” added Steven F. Hayward, in his two volume study of Reagan. Notes historian John J. Pitney Jr., “The hot bet of the moment was not whether the Republican Party could reshape politics, but whether it could survive at all.”

Gee I wonder what happened next?