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…on the other hand Python is different

Posted: May 22, 2009 by datechguy in oddities, personal
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You know it hits me that the Monty Python crowd have similar or even more radical views than Whoppi but when i still see I still think silly walks:

Or Biggus Dickus:

Or Nudges:

and of course splunge:

I guess that’s the difference between good humor that fades in the memory and timeless humor that makes you smile for the rest of your life.

…but you know the View has done her a disservice in one way. It’s made us forget.

It hit me today for no particular reason that she is a good actress, Sister Act and the Associate were both very funny. She was first rate in Ghost. That silly basketball movie Eddie was pretty good too.

On Star Trek TNG she was first rate. She was an excellent addition to the cast and made the show better.

Her work with Comic Relief was commendable.

All of that seems to be forgotten because all we see now is the political/gossip side. It’s true a lot of what I cited was from her earlier work but that doesn’t change that it was worthwhile.

One of the problems with political discourse is that it can provoke a reaction. Goldberg used to produce a smile when I saw her, now when I see her I think: “Bush Hater”, “Palin Hater”.

It’s a bit of a shame but that’s the price of being out there like that.

You know the Pelosi stuff really helps comics…

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…it allows comics to hit democrats without touching the sacred one.

Crowder on Pelsoi

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This is funny and Nasty:

As a political matter I think every day she stay in that position is a day closer to a republican majority again, and frankly she represents one of the most far out liberal districts in the nation, so she fits. Remember in her last race she was the more CONSERVATIVE candidate.