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Did some quick channel surfing this morning and got a glimpse of Morning Joe. They had Christine Todd Whitman on the TV talking about Nuclear power.

Other than the obligatory “Does Colin Powell belong in the republican party” question the statements on Nuclear were very relevant but everyone there is forgetting something concerning why we don’t get have more clean Nuclear power in the US today. The cause should be loudly proclaimed:

The reason why Nuclear power never advanced were environmental “community organizers” who litigated and protested plants to death supported by Hollywood, liberals and democrats. It was an energy policy driven by a Jane Fonda movie

Just as they want the country to forget which side they supported and appeased in the cold war our liberal friends will do their best to make sure this is ignored or part of one more grand revision a la the French Resistance/Collaborators.

Why conservative leaders don’t pin this tightly on these guys is beyond me.

…the simple test is to reverse the words “Latina Woman” and “White Man” and imagine her as a white guy speaking to an audience saying that.

If you make the reversal and conclude that a man saying that would be an unacceptable racist then so is she.

Update: Darren Hutchinson thinks that it is a PR loser, he might be right but that doesn’t address the question on the floor:

If a White candidate made the statement as indicated above would he be disqualified for even a lower court position?

Reality should always trump PR.