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The title of this article is funny:

Has Obama Turned on Israel?

The premise was that he actually at any time supported Israel is a joke. One speech does not support make as the commentators at the Greenroom already knew.

You can not support Israel and Obama at the same time and anyone who thinks they can is a dupe.

…for republicans unclean on the concept:

It was almost an exact repeat of what happened with Dole in 1996. Republicans never seem to learn: Your best candidate is always the one most hated by liberals.

It’s a very easy one keep that in mind and we will be fine. Nordlinger has a few more things to say about that hated one and Vanity Fair:

I’ve read the little blurb that precedes the piece. Actually, I’ve read just part of the opening sentence of that blurb.

The sentence begins, “Despite her disastrous performance in the 2008 election, Sarah Palin . . .”

Okay, was it? Was Palin’s performance disastrous? There were bad moments and incidents, to be sure — particularly the Katie Couric interview, as I recall. (I thought that the Charles Gibson one was not nearly as bad as some other people thought. I also thought that the interview reflected far worse on Gibson than on Palin.) But Palin had some very, very good moments — starting with that boffo, electric acceptance speech. And she was generally good — quite good — on the stump.

Also, consider this: John McCain has had about 3,000 debates on the national stage, running for president all those years. Palin has had exactly one. Who did better: the GOP presidential nominee, in his three debates last fall, or the vice-presidential nominee in her one — in her maiden effort?

Palin in NH 2008 Photo DaTechguy

Palin in NH 2008 Photo DaTechguy

You know I watched a lot of the Palin events on TV and attended one myself with my youngest son. I was even interviewed by the BBC concerning her at the Dover rally. Anyone who actually saw this woman in action knows what kind of candidate she was and would be. In my opinion she would be an even better leader.

This administration knows how things will be in 4 years. The media and the democrats know how they will be in 4 years.

Colbert joked yesterday about the second coming of Reagan in 2012. The Washington Post talks about a Clinton like rebound. If Sarah Palin is the nominee she will not be the 2nd coming of Ronald Reagan, she will be the first coming of Sarah Palin and that will be even better.

Update: Since this is way down the list as update 5 on this post i’m including here since the Anchoress take is not to be missed.