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My healthcare Plan

Posted: July 16, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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As you might guess my primary plan is to of course do nothing, but if that idea is to be rejected then there are two very easy plans: B and C.

Plan B: Expand Medicare to the uninsured.

All people without insurance are given Medicare coverage via a checkbox on their tax forms. The advantage is very clear. Instead of a new bloated bureaucracy with bunch of new rules designed to rob us and favor interest groups, we bloat an already existing bureaucracy that will make us broke honestly…by sheer inefficiency. There is an actual advantage since although it has plenty of problems almost every medical provider is already familiar with it, so it’s just a question of volume rather than rules.

Plan C: Expand Vet Clinics. Expand the veterans hospital to include the uninsured. Build new VA hospitals and clinics and give incentives to new doctors to work there, or even better have a “doctor draft” whereby medical students will serve two years in such hospitals at the beginning of their practices. Again it will be expensive but is better than any bill that would come from congress and works with the existing bureaucracy.

Yeah I know they will stink but so will anything else. Whatdaya think?